10 PUBG Tips to Stay Alive and Win That Chicken Dinner

10 PUBG Tips to Stay Alive and Win That Chicken Dinner | Chirag

PUBG   is a well-reputed and interesting game nowadays, and many people download and install it daily. It’s not only a game, but its features provide opportunities for the players. If you are a PUBG player and do not have to win a chicken dinner, you miss many opportunities coming on your way. And many of you have tried to win this fantastic chance but are unable to win. Not a problem we’ll share some PUBG Tips in this article for you.

So, keeping in view the above discussion, I will describe some pro tips to stay alive and win the chicken dinner game using some tips and tricks. Let’s know these tips one by one without waiting for more.

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10 PUBG Tips to Stay Alive and Win Chicken Dinner

Here are the top 10 tips to win chicken dinner staying alive there.

Avoid Traffic

It’s highly recommended to avoid traffic and go to places where there are no more vehicles and people. The tip becomes more critical when you are a beginner and want to safely and comprehensively play the game with a wise mind. It’s 100% times better to find a small place named a territory where you can play better than others. These places may include Gatka and Malta.

Keep an Eye on All Players

The next very needed tips which most people neglect is to keep an eye just like an angel on all players and see what they are doing It becomes more critical when you enter a new area to play there, here it’s a pro tip to have an angled eye on activities of players so that you may know about what they are doing to win. If they are against you, then you can easily save yourself. In case, imagine if you are neglecting this all and other players are winning step by step.

Do Not Hide Blue Circle

The next tip that most people do not keep in mind and hide the blue Circle, may be harmful and may damage your struggle to play the game. So, do not hide the blue Circle if you want to win the game. By the blue process, it can even be imagined for the next step and choices. In this way, you can pick the kills which help you winning against your enemies.

Take a Level Three Helmet

Using a helmet and belt is one of the wise ways to win games and dinner as well. It helps you with what to pick and how to pick. I highly recommend you, as per experience, to take and use a level three helmet. It’s a straightforward and general rule here in actuality to follow and apply.

Keep Yourself Up for the Game Boost

girl avataar
girl avataar

The very next tip and step are to boost your energy level by taking energy drinks and painkillers. It helps you to boost energy and regenerate health. Grabbing drinks and pain killers will recover your health in case you are facing a severe health issue. It becomes more critical when you start playing the game late. So, energy drinks not only help to boost you but also winning the dinner is the actual result.




Take Vest at Level Three

Using a vest at level three is more important than using a helmet and any other product to save you. It enhances your energy more even than a drink or energetic food. Using a vest at level three is always better than using it at level two or quarter level, which most people do without knowing the outcomes and benefits of the game. It’s still a better choice avoiding damages and harmful products at level three while playing the PUBG game.

Playing on the edge of Circle

Playing on the Circle edges is an essential and unique tip to staying you alive during the play. Playing in the circles means gratefully dealing with your territory and area where you are playing PUBG in actuality. Here you can have an eye view of your surroundings, which may help you, making you active and an eye on all enemies of the game, and the ultimate end is to win the game and chicken dinner.

Change Your Armor Accordingly

Changing the armor is the best practice every which you must keep in mind. Keeping changing the armor is as important as eating food and not food, but healthy food is an actual matter. We highly recommend changing the armor even if you are going from top to the low level and even if you are upgrading from down to top level.

Use ZigZag Movement


Most of the players worldwide at PUBG keep considering the right path is always good, which is straight without any direction to another side. But using the ZigZag path is the best practice ever to play and win the game. It helps you cover a longer distance with changing direction and help win the chicken.



Choose the Right Battle

Choosing the right battle is the actual matter in the game while playing and experiencing it. It’s not only about to open a PUBG game and play it continuously without outcomes and results. But choose your battle type according to your capacity and level. If you are a beginner, then keep selecting the manageable levels and battle and then move towards the next, challenging and most uncompromising. So, choosing the right battle is a unique task to accomplish.

pubg rifle
pubg rifle

Final Verdicts

These are the top 10 tips for winning the PUBG game by staying alive and winning chicken dinner. It becomes more critical if you are a beginner and do not know much about the game rules. Keep in mind to always play when you are cool with a peaceful mind and active. In the end, if you need any suggestions or if you have any confusion, ask in comments any time. We highly appreciate your queries. We are here 24/7 to serve you whenever you need.

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