10 ways to avoid an online SCAM

Today, the percentage of the population using the internet is increasing so do the security concerns. Every year, millions of people get scammed. Scammers target their victims through various platforms such as emails, smartphones, websites, online banking, online transactions, and social media pages.

Cyberthreat has become a real danger in today’s digital world because people share their private and personal information online. In recent years, the use of social media and networking sites exceptionally increased. People are making more and more personal information available to the online world and making it more challenging to protect valuable data.

However, there are a lot of ways to protect your own online identity and personal information. In this article, we will disclose 10 ways to avoid online scams. Let’s dig into it.

Here are some internet scams and ways to avoid them:

tensed guy
tensed guy

Evil sites

Evil sites are the ones that are not legitimate and have malicious software to hack your personal and private data. However, these sites come up during the festival, when people buy gifts for their loved ones online, and hackers build these using popular search items.

Another way of infection of these sites is to get heavy traffic and then put ads and images with viruses to scammed people. Privacy and security are everyone’s priority, so an excellent way to avoid these is to go with a familiar, popular site or add an ad blocker on your browser.

Click scam

Phishing scams use various ways to get your personal information and steal your social identity. While browsing, People often click on links that appear in random emails and instant messages to see something interesting. But unfortunately, these clicks have malicious viruses to hack user’s data and information.

So Before clicking on these links, Hover over links to confirm where these links are supposed to lead. A phishing email is one of the most popular scams in the world right now.

By clicking the phishing email, you end up being scammed because it asks you to fill in the information to proceed. Most phishing emails pop up with the phrase “Dear Customer,” so you should be alert when you encounter these types of emails. Whenever you doubt any website, go directly to the source rather than clicking a potentially dangerous link.

Use Strong Passwords

The easiest way to secure your online presence is the creation of strong passwords. When creating a password for online platforms, choose something that will not be easily cracked or decoded.

To have a secure password, never use a word or number that someone can associate with you—for instance, avoid using first, middle, or last name, a spouse or child’s name, address, phone numbers, employers, or other identifying letters or numbers. Always mix your password with letters, numbers, upper and lower case.

Wifi hacking

Online scam
Online scam

The usage of public wifi is highly vulnerable. So it’s necessary to use caution whenever you’re using wifi connection at public places such as at airport terminals or shopping malls and pizza shops to log into your account.

It could cause you risk of losing passwords and private information. So to protect your account and personal information, try to use the 3G or 4G connection over the public connection as it is more secure.

Use Firewalls 

It is another efficient method to protect your private data from an outsider. Firewalls act as a shield between you, your system, and outside intruders. There are two types of firewalls: a desktop firewall and a network firewall.

The first one is a type of software, and the second one is hardware. However, When you used it together, you could see drastically reduce odds of hackers and phishers infiltrating your computer or network.

Continuously check your accounts. 

If you don’t visit your online account for a while, then there is a chance someone could be having fun with it. So make a daily routine of checking your online accounts even if you don’t technically need to be. Many online scams, such as bank phishing and credit card phishing, are happening every single day.

To prevent your account from this type of scam, you should personally check your statements regularly. Also, make a habit of changing passwords regularly. 

Check website address carefully


Before submitting your bank details or any private information on a website, make sure the site uses an encryption method to protect your data. Moreover, make sure a website starting with “https://” (“s” for security) rather than the usual http:// because it is proof that it is based on an encryption mode.

Investing scams

In this scam, the scammer sends false information about the companies stock prices through an email chat forum or internet board to take benefits by selling or buying shares at the right time.

Moreover, another form of investing scam is companies guaranteed return’ schemes. Which scammer used through emails, websites, blogs, and social media platforms, and conning people out of their money.

One of the finest ways to avoid it is to conduct your research about the company rather than investing in schemes that promise outrageous returns.

Install Security programs

Security programs and software are widely used to keep hackers and scammer away from infecting your computer and stealing personal and private information and data. The primary objective is to secure your personal information.

Also, protect you and your device from harmful software such as spyware, viruses, malware attacks, and phishing scams that could be installed secretly when you are online. Norton Antivirus, McAfee Virus Protection, and AVG Internet Security are among the best security software in the market. Go and get one of this software and install it to protect your personal information online.

Install Security programs


Today, Security patches are released for almost every browser. They are released to respond to the security loopholes that phishers and online hackers inevitably found out.

If you are the ones who ignore messages about updating your browsers, Then stop doing it. Go and check the latest update of your browse is available, download, and install it.

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