11 Best Free Sites to Receive SMS Online Without your Real Phone Number

Today, multiple verifications account via mobile number can be challenging because one number is not enough for various accounts. If you need to receive SMS online to verify your account without a Phone, then you definitely came up in the right place.

So, you don’t have to worry about verifying your accounts because there are many temporary virtual phone number providers available that permit you to receive SMS online globally.

It has become easy and efficient for multiple users who intend to register their accounts like Youtube, Yahoo, Twitter, Uber, Telegram, and many more. All you have to do just pick one of the websites listed below to do the rest of the process. This article will provide you a list of websites to receive SMS online without your real phone numbers. Get reading!

11 Free Sites to Receive SMS Online Without your Real Mobile Number

We’ve gathered the 11 free websites that provide temporary phone number site services for verification that are 100% safe and protect your privacy. These websites also allow receiving account verification messages without an actual phone. Let’s Get Started!


Receive SMS is an excellent and most reliable free website that provides a list of multiple phone numbers in order to receive messages prompts on-site page from anywhere around the world.

This website does not only offer free services but also paid. It means you can simply buy private numbers on these sites to give you a separate message inbox which is the best feature ever.


Once you visit this website, you will know that it is a more exciting resource site providing free services like receiving text messages online for account verification. It got multiple features such as global coverage in many countries and the best customer support.

Mainly, users can easily get phone numbers for activation and then receive opt or verification messages. Sometimes phone number doesn’t work, don’t panic, try another virtual number.

SMS Receive net

You can avail of a virtual and real number using SMS receive net. It provides free services to its users so that they can get messages without using real phone numbers.

Apparently, the working of this website is quite simple with a user-friendly interface. Anyone can use this website without technical knowledge and receive verification messages from multiple social media accounts.


FreePhoneNum is one the best receiving SMS service providers in big countries. The users get the phone number of different countries quickly and can use them for verification purposes.

Currently, this website supports various phone numbers, which are free to use for users. Most importantly, you can get new numbers because this website changes its virtual mobile numbers every week. So, clear the doubt about whether the number will work or not.

Sellaite SMS Receiver

Sellaite SMS Receiver offers virtual phone number services for several years worldwide. This website usually provides the three phone numbers from Estonia for activation. No doubt, it gives fast and efficient service by providing the phone numbers for a good cause.

It also has some unique features, which makes it more popular among users. These features include receiving the voice-based verification messages that can play and stop via buttons display on title bar messages.


Twilio offers a unique service, not like others, and this service is not for few messages. Basically, it permits you to register the trial account by giving the virtual phone number to each performance.

And you can get verify all the accounts at once. As we know that, some numbers can be used already, so you may have to give your actual phone number for trial account registration, and it’s up to you.

You will get $16 of free credit in the Twilio trial account, and $1 will be used if you add or change a number to your account. The by default numbers are from the USA country, but you can adjust manually.


TextNow is the best choice for users looking for a reliable and straightforward free mobile phone service to receive verification messages from social media platforms.

Firstly, you have to sign up on this website, and then you will get a virtual private phone number that has various benefits. Unfortunately, most users may get an error message like ‘something went wrong during the signup process, which is the most significant advantage.


If you’re looking for an excellent and fast message receiving service through private phone numbers, then Receive free SMS is the best in this regard.

This site allows the users to use multiple phone numbers of various countries such as the USA, India, UK, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, etc. However, the working of this website is quite simple. And all the numbers you will get already check and work properly.


SMS-online is the best option for users because it has an advance and user-friendly interface with a responsive design. Once you sign up on this website, you can avail of almost 12 phone numbers of different countries, and they refresh the phone number weekly.

So you can use these numbers to receive account messages without any technical problem. This is the most significant advantage of using SMS online.


If you want to activate your account from US phone numbers, Hs3x is one the best in this case. It is a free website that permits users to receive the message for account verification.

Fortunately, the whole process pretty simple as compared to other websites providing the same service. All you have to pick one of the US numbers, click on it, and then proceed further. Once you select one number of your choice, verify any account from this number chosen easily.

Get Free SMS Number

Get Free SMS Number has many users because it is free and promises to offer quality service. Users can use the virtual phone number displayed on this site for account verification. Further, you can avail of any private number with low prices.

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