7 Best Microphones for Gaming

7 Best Microphones for Gaming | Tech Guy Chirag

With the evolution in gaming technology, you need the best equipment to compete in the field. Gaming has come a long way since those little headsets gamers used to wear Whether you’re streaming or giving out crucial instructions to your teammates on a battlefield, your voice needs a step up. So you need the Best Microphones for Gaming.

Investing in a good microphone for gaming can be crucial for your gaming career. In order to choose the best microphone for gaming, here are a few considerations you need to keep in mind:

Budget: Obviously. Regardless of what type of microphone you need, you require the money for it. Fortunately, you can get some of the best microphones in the range of $50 to a few hundred bucks.

Type of microphone: Your choice of microphone will depend on your purpose. Whether it’s vlogging, YouTube videos, streaming, gaming, or podcasts. USB microphones and XLR Condenser microphones are some of the most commonly used microphones.

Gaming setting: Where have you set up your gaming zone? Whether your gaming setup is in your bedroom, living room, or on-the-go matters in choosing the right microphone.

To make things easy for you, we’ve listed the 7 Best Microphones for Gaming.

1. HyperX Quadcast

HyperX Quadcast is one of the best USB microphones out there due to its excellent vocal warmth and clarity. With a bit rate of 16-bit, frequency response of 20 Hz-20 kHz, cardioid and omnidirectional, bidirectional, and stereo polar patterns, it also stands out in aesthetics. The mic features a red light that turns on when the mic is in use. You can also mute it by just tapping the top of the mic. With its sturdy shock mount, you can quit worrying about accidentally knocking it over while intense gaming sessions.

2. Audio-Technica AT2020USB+

Audio Technica AT2020USB
Audio Technica AT2020USB

Another winner in the USB microphones category is AT2020USB+. It features a condenser cardioid mic type and pickup pattern. It comes with an effective desktop stand in the box. The mic requires no driver installation – you can just remove the packaging, plug it in and get started!

3. Samson G-Track PRO

Samson G Track PRO
Samson G Track PRO

This pocket-friendly USB mic by Samson is quite popular in the gaming world. It is a condenser microphone with a 25mm diaphragm, dual 1” capsules for a better pickup pattern. The polar pattern switch in the mic helps you change how it picks up sound. Additionally, the outstanding sound quality provides perfect clarity to gamers.

4. Blue Yeti

Blue Yeti
Blue Yeti

The Blue Yeti has been a popular favorite since streaming started gaining widespread popularity. It’s easy to use and efficiently picks up single voice signal at a time. The mic has a high standard, sturdy construction with a retro design mic capsule that adds to its aesthetic. This stylish microphone has quite a reputation among gamers, with its multi-pattern, driver-free operation.

5. Razer Seiren Mini

Razer Seiren Mini
Razer Seiren Mini

This is the best budget USB microphone you’ll get. If you’re someone who doesn’t need multiple cardioid patterns and a horde of features, Razer Seiren Mini is the one for you. It offers a great sound quality especially if you prefer less artificial sounding output. It’s a simple, portable microphone that has just the basic features and is your best bet if you have a low budget.

6. Rode NT1-A Bundle

Rode NT1 A Bundle
Rode NT1 A Bundle

If budget is not an issue for you, this is a more studio-friendly option. It knocks other USB microphones out of the park with its high-quality audio. It has a gold plated 1” diaphragm, dynamic range, and low self-noise. This microphone makes you sound like a streaming professional. However, it doesn’t come with a stand and you might have to invest in it separately. However, it’s a great pick if you want to step up from regular USB mics.

7. Blue Snowball iCE

Blue Snowball iCE
Blue Snowball iCE

If you’re a mobile gamer, this ultra-portable microphone is the solution for you. It is perfect for all types of recording and streaming with Mac or PC. And is a very budget-friendly, cardioid pattern condenser mic. Which comes with a tripod that makes it convenient for use.

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