Samsung buds pro vs apple Airpod pro

This AirPods Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro comparison dissects two of the market’s most desirable buzzing sound wireless earbuds models, assisting you in determining which is ideal for your needs and budget.

The AirPods Pro has been hailed as a leading player in its class, offering outstanding performance for a hefty price.

Apple’s wireless danglers combine superb active noise cancellation, dynamic sound, and a slew of iOS-friendly functionalities in a more robust and adjustable design.

On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is looking to slash competition, with a great feature sheet and some distinct advantages at a cheaper price for smartphone customers.

We are talking about understandable ANC, improved audio and smooth Galaxy device connection, to mention just a few. Although the AirPods Pro is of the world’s greatest cast, it is not worth overlooking the Galaxy Buds Pro.

This article describes the comparison between Samsung buds pro and apple Airpod pro in order to help you better understand which one is best for you.


The design of AirPods is not appealing. Apple has made several changes to make it more different and convenient.

However, there is still a wider sound port for improved fitness, narrower stems with silversmiths on the bottom, a superbly under-rated all-new force sensor control, and a black vent system for pressure compensation.

On the other hand, Samsung accomplished this cleverly by using the Galaxy Buds Live’s bean-shaped form to favor the more traditional oval design used by prior Galaxy Buds models.

airpods pro design
airpods pro design

This is discreet and elegant and provides better control input, with a more prominent touchscreen display at the front.

AirPods is a stylish and portable plastic, which hold the buds in fashion but does not offer the highest protection. The AirPods are well known.

The outside splashes and the magnets are weak, which means that they pour across the floor as the buds go down. In contrast, the case of the Galaxy Buds Pro is more compact, elegant and shows the buds wonderfully.


You are going to spend significant money on any set of buds. The AirPods Pro has started at 249$ and is still on sale multiple times, but still at this price point, at as low as 199$. It has been sold several times.

On the other hand, The Galaxy Buds Pro will price $199.99, which is less expensive and better than the AirPods Pro functionality-based. In addition, big dealers like Best Buy and Wal-Mart also offer special deals so keep your eyes open.


The strength sensors of Apple remain the greatest input mechanism for wireless pads, as cool and handy as touch interfaces are.

They become used to anything, but as soon as it seems like it, everything is a breeze to handle, from playback to switching on ANC.

The only criticism is that the amount of checks they can apply to each bud is restricted.

The speech command of AirPods Pro is brilliantly illustrated by the hands-free ‘Hey Siri’ function. It detects instructions immediately, has good voice recognition and works seamlessly on iOS/macOS devices.

On the other hand, Samsung buds include numerous intelligent controls that use the bigger and more intelligent touch sensors, providing higher-touch precision.

There are wide ranges of touch and holding gestures and the option to designate and exchange controls for useful ones (e.g. up/down volume). Like the AirPods Pro, the Galaxy Buds Pro is also included with an early detecting system to halt music instantly when the buds are removed.

Sound quality

The audio quality of the AirPods Pro also astounded us: it’s perfect. This is due to Apple’s adaptive EQ, which constantly changes the EQ settings on the fly based on the individual earbuds shape.

The audio difference between the original AirPods and AirPods Pro is massive, with the latter providing your ears with clear, warm sound to enjoy Apple Music songs on the move.

Regardless of the lack of a programmable EQ, Apple does allow you to customize the audio in the iPhone configurations with 20 distinct presets that cater to various musical styles and media types.

In contrast, audio has always been one of Samsung’s strong suits, and the Galaxy Buds Pro gets a significant acoustic boost owing to a new two-way speaker system (11mm woofer and 6.5mm tweeter) that produces heavier bass and smoother treble.

Harman also powers the drivers so that you can anticipate excellent sound. When listening to music on recent Galaxy devices, Samsung’s Scalable Codec offers superior results, making symphonic and bass-heavy recordings sound fantastic.

Active noise cancellation

The active cancellation of Apple noise should not be disregarded. A lot of wireless earbud manufacturers contested AirPods Pro’s ANC – many flopped.

Because the two-mic noise cancellation device of the firm is a powerhouse that quiets about 85% of outside noises.

Whereas Samsung boasts, Galaxy Buds Pro has “the smartest ANC capacity of any truly wireless pads” and can cut background noise by “99 percent.” Galaxy Buds Pro is the greatest wireless earphones to stop the noise.

Battery life

The battery life of these two versions is almost similar. The AirPods Pro has a battery life of 4.5 hours with ANC enabled, whereas the Galaxy Buds Pro claimed slightly greater at 5 hours.

However, it has a 4 to 4.5 hours practical battery life when considering listening modes and high volume.

Apple says that deactivating ANC would increase the AirPods Pro’s playtime to 5 hours, putting it in the same league as (you guessed it) the AirPods 2. Meanwhile, by deactivating certain functions, the Galaxy Buds Pro may be used for up to 8 hours.

Final Verdict

With each new truly wireless release, Samsung continues to nibble away at Apple. Still, the AirPods Pro’s outstanding overall performance, along with Apple’s drive to improve on close to perfection with each software upgrade, makes these ear buds the obvious champ.

The standouts are all quick controls, superb audio quality, extensive feature set, and long battery life.

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