Can My Mac Run Big Sur?

Can My Mac Run Big Sur | Mac OS Big Sur Compatibility | Chirag

It’s an era of advanced techno everyone tries to have something unusual according to an advanced period of life. Here most of the Mac users ask an interesting question which is Can my Mac Run Big Sur? It’s not a question but a complete topic to explain and have many words to cover it. The answer is that yes, you can run a Big Sur on your but it’s not straightforward as it seems. Here are some necessary points to discuss.

Which Macs are compatible with Mac Run Big Sur?

  • Now macOS Big Sur is available to download on different devices. Macs can absorb and digest these Big Sur because it’s another essential need after buying a Mac device.
  • Many people get confused by this question and solution because they face a problem while running a Big Sur on a Mac OS device.
  • It does not relate to the Big Sur availability, but compatibility of the device with the Sur is the actual cause and reason behind it. macOS Big Sur is the updated and newest operating system version of a Mac that is now available free of any cost since 2020.
  • Let’s now learn about some Mac devices which are compatible with Big Sure in actuality. Following is the list which we provided after a detailed analysis.

MacBook Pro


MacBooks Pro is the first and one of the famous compatible Big Sur devices with the following models:

  1. MacBook Pro Late 2014
  2. MacBook Pro Mid 2014
  3. MacBook Pro Early 2015
  4. MacBook Pro Mid 2015
  5. MacBook Pro 2016 All Thunderbolt Models
  6. MacBook Pro 2017 All Thunderbolt Models
  7. MacBook Pro 2018 Thunderbolt Models
  8. MacBook Pro 2019 All Models Thunderbolt
  9. MacBook Pro 2020 All Models Thunderbolt

MacBook Air

  1. MacBook Air 2013 Mid
  2. MacBook Air 2014 Early
  3. MacBook Air 2015
  4. MacBook Air 2017
  5. MacBook Air2018
  6. MacBook Air 2019
  7. MacBook Air 2020
  8. MacBook Air 2020

iMac Pro

  • iMac Pro 2017


  1. Mac Mid 2014
  2. Mac Late 2014
  3. Mac Mid 2015
  4. Mac Late 2015
  5. iMac 2017
  6. iMac 2019
  7. iMac 2020

Mac Mini

  1. Mac Mini Late 2014
  2. Mac Mini 2018
  3. Mac Mini 2020
  4. Mac Pro
  5. Mac Pro 2013
  6. Mac Pro 2019

Hence it’s a shortlist of those devices compatible with Big Sur

Should I update my Mac to Big Sur?

It’s a little bit confusing topics and questions about upgrading your Mac to Big Sure. Although it’s not a big deal and you can use any of these devices, the most critical points you must keep in mind include some essential facts and figures to keep in mind.

As we know that nothing is possible and we can do everything, but here the question and problem are that should you upgrade your Mac device to Big Sur without knowing the outcomes and facts you might face? The answer is No; the first thing is to keep in mind some important points which are given as follows:

  • Make sure the compatibility of a Mac device with Big Sure. Check the list we have given above to check your Mac device compatibility
  • Keep sure your Mac is running well before upgrading to Big Sur
  • Also, check all hardware and software. I will recommend uninstalling unnecessary software’s from your computer
  • Now here are the steps that you must keep in mind while upgrading your Mac to Big Sure

Check Compatible

The first and critical step is to check compatibility as we mentioned above. It’s not a challenging task, but it’s dead easy to apply.

Make Backup

The very next step is to make a quick backup while upgrading your Mac to Big Sur. It requires some time to make a backup, so hold your breath and wait for some seconds.

Have A Strong Internet Connection

Ensure that you have a strong internet connection connected with the device to upgrade for Big Sur. Also, look at your battery and keep it near the charger and light.

Download and Install Big Sur

Now open an app store and search for MacBook Big Sure and start the download button to press. After it’s download, an installer will open.

Click continues by following the instructions it shows, and this is how you upgrade your Mac to Big Sur.

Note: one of the important note at the end of the process is to keep your Mac update according to the relevant software and operating system

Will MacOS Big Sur Run on Intel?

It’s another confusing and informative question which is about the MacOS availability on Intel devices. A macOS Big Sur was available only on the Apple, Mac Pro, and other Mac devices rather than Intel. But now it is available on the Intel and is compatible to use with it.

Will MacOS Big Sur Slow Down My Mac?

Yes, running a Big Sur may slow down your Mac device. Because of the heavy files, it contains and slows down your software’s and all other pruning processes.

Hence, it’s not a problem, but it is an issue. But do not worry it’s not permanent and it does not mean to uninstall your Mac device but here are some tips and guides to avoid the issue. These areas following:

Search for the issue and actual problem of slowing downs the Mac because most of the times Big Sur is not a problem that may cause hurdle on your way

  • Now uninstall all apps and software’s which you do not need
  • Do not wait for a second to quite and remove an app that is resisting to run
  • Close other browsers while using Big Sur
  • Keep sure your macOS Big Sur is up to date according to the system

Final Verdicts/ Conclusion

macOS Big Sur is updating an important operating systems nowadays because of its value and performance for the people.

Most people get confused while upgrading to Big Sur; the article is actually for you if you are searching for guidelines.

I hope you would understand the whole guide. In the end, feel free to any questions if you have.

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