How Did COVID-19’s Create An Impact on Students?

How Did COVID-19’s Create An Impact on Students?

The Covid 19 pandemic has affected every sector, including education. The closure of schools and other educational institutions across the globe has led to an increased reliance on technology. Covid 19 and technology go hand in hand.

As the virus is spreading, more and more people are staying home and managing everything using technology. The world has shifted online. From shopping to attending important meetings, everything takes place remotely.

The closure of schools due to the COVID-19’s Impact on Students around 91% worldwide. This roughly equals around 1.6 billion students. Covid 19 caused a radical shift in technology by promoting a remote learning system, where digital media is being used.

Educational institutions have shifted to an online mode of teaching to allow for remote classrooms. Many digital platforms are currently being used to deliver lectures and hold team collaboration meetings, despite not being able to meet in person.

It is said that every pandemic opens doors to a new world, and that is exactly what Covid 19 has done as well. The students are learning about new tools that they would not have known otherwise.

Further, they are also exploring team collaboration software and meeting rooms that can be used to hold tutorials or group study.

The remote learning system has provided an effective way of continuing education. While the coursework is relatively more flexible, there is no difference in the information delivered.

Teachers and students across the globe are actively trying to stay updated, but it does have some drawbacks as well.


Problems faced by the students

  • Although the shift to an online system allows for education to continue, despite the uncertain times, there are several students who do not have access to proper devices.
  • Particularly, in third world countries, numerous children are deprived of education because they do not have the resources to afford a computer or an internet connection. 
  • Further, in remote learning, there is no one-to-one interaction that can significantly impact the overall learning.
  • There are a lot of distractions at home, that fail to create a learning environment for the students as well. According to a survey, 31% of the teachers reported that remote instruction is difficult to manage.
  • Many students do not have the access to proper equipment to attend online classes or meetings. Moreover, while Covid 19 has increased the use of technology by students, it has also led to some health problems.
  • Long exposure to screens can cause severe headaches and impact the eyesight as well


Covid 19 and technology have shown to have a great correlation. The pandemic has led to an increased reliance on the internet for carrying out everyday tasks. Students are learning about new tools and managing everything independently. While there are some problems with the online system, it has helped me to maintain a normal life despite being stuck at home.

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