What Is The Future of Gaming?

What Is The Future of Gaming Industry? | Tech Guy Chirag

The total gaming industry generates $120Billion in revenue, and experts predict that $200 billion within 2 years. So, the question arises what’s next and What is the Future of Gaming Industry?

Are you curious about the future of gaming and looking for something new in the gaming industry? Then you have come up in the right place where you can get enough information to calm your curiousness. Well, it often seems like the new generation requires more processing speed, faster video rendering, and more memory than the generation before.

The advanced gaming systems have more spinning disk drivers, a hybrid of solid-state, liquid cooling function, and RAM in the triple digits.

However, the future of gaming absolutely in the right hand of highly dedicated platforms such as Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation. They did struggle to maintain the pace in the gaming industry year after year by the demands of game designers.

And these gaming designers are inhibited by creativity and available technology that makes them more capable of doing something new in the computer industry every day.

Many tech top-tier companies such as Amazon, Google, and Apple are developing gaming products for their users. Apple launched the Apple Arcade is a gaming subscription service. As well Google launched Stadia for the development of the Gaming industry. .

Future of Gaming

When we talk about the future of gaming, the first thing that comes to mind how Artificial intelligence plays a crucial part and how Virtual reality and augmented reality works in the future of games? These are all given below points that provide you enough information about the scope of future gaming. Let’s discuss it.

Role of Non-Players Characters in AI

  • However, the idea of non-player characters (NPCs) is prominent in the gaming environment, and it is just like the colorful ghosts in Pac-Man or others.
  • The gaming designers programmed these characters based on a finite state machine, which means to follow a script of ‘if and then statements’. NCPS works as written in code, and their behavior determines by the designers in advance.
  • Further, if we give NCPs minds to let them free on their own in the game, odds are that the gaming experience would be less enjoyable for players. So, some designer insists for more NPCs character, but it is quite expensive to put more sophisticated NCPs in games which fail to improve the player’s enjoyment.

Role of Facial & Voice Recognition

  • Facial recognition technology plays a vital role in creating the gaming avatar of your likeness, and it helps to transfer your expression into digital creations.
  • It grows the user experience to allow them what they want to its character. On top of that, developers create the games to adapt the gamers’ emotion by 78 different scanning points on the face using the Intel RealSense 3D camera. Generally, facial recognition in the gaming industry uses to promote the future of gaming.
  • The developers introduced the voice gaming controller helps the users to control the different functionalities of the game. Along with this feature, computers can recognize the voice commands from users then operate accordingly.
  • You can use voice commands to control the gameplay, social media interaction, media library selection, and web searching.

Role of Data Analysis

  • AI may not only play a crucial part in the future of gaming, but the role of data analysis also side by side. The data analysis helps the gaming designers to collect feedback from different users to improve the games in the upcoming days.
  • The way of collecting data is the part of the game where humans ask questions about the gaming experience what players they like most.
  • However, the experts said that “It is what AI in service of” That seems to be part where games could never be old fashioned, and it would be updating on the user’s demand.

Virtual Reality Games

  • Virtual reality games are prominent these days.
  • The gamers have full experience with the results. After the virtual reality’s popularity, many companies like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook develop their interest in investing money to produce VR hardware and games.
  • Now it is still a niche category as compared to other games.
  • It may be growing day by day due to gamer’s interests. Further, these games are quite fascinating when to play. There is a bright future ahead of VR, but some hardware challenges need to be solved.

Amazing Graphics & High-Def Displays

gaming graphics improvement
gaming graphics improvement
  • The future of gaming is growing, and we are far away from the arena of 8bit graphics in gaming.
  • Now, we are in the age of cutting edge technologies that allow gamers to experience high-quality graphics and photo-realistic textures. These outstanding graphics increase the user experience to play the games smoothly.
  • We are in the age of 4K ultra HD PC and laptops that may be quite expensive, but it is declined with time to make the standards of what we watch the games.
  • However, there is nothing to come close except the unbeatable colors and crispness of screens to enjoy the video games. But you thought 1080p look good.

Role of Hyper-Reality

hyper reality in gaming
hyper reality in gaming
  • There is a need to know about the VOID, a company specialized in “hyperreal” experiences that tend to put together a virtual and physical reality.
  • Let’s understand hyper-reality, where players gather, is like a warehouse, and strap on computers and helmets that double as backpacks.
  • It is quite different from a typical VR experience where players come to put goggles on their eyes and then play.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile Gaming
Mobile Gaming

The gaming trends have taken out of the living room, and it is in your hands due to smartphones. As we are crystal clear about mobile gaming, there are countless mobile users and play their games where they want.

So people who love the digital mobile gaming experiences separate it beyond the online gamers and console consumers.

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