How to Spoof Pokemon go?

How to Spoof Pokemon go with Joystick on Android (Non-Rooted)?

Your Android operating system can support spoofing your GPS location. It will help the Pokemon to go anywhere in the world. It is most interesting to catch Pokemon easily. For this purpose, you have to follow the below steps.


Download the Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer and Fake GPS joystick routes and go. You can install them after downloading.


Go to the “Location Setting” and change the GPS setting to high accuracy. It will help to work the Fake GPS app properly.


Activate your GPS location and then open the Joystick route App. And you can test the router functionality by pointing out the different locations of your choice.


Go to setting and find the installed Fake GPS app and then select the Non-Root option. Now, you can enable the Joystick by just clicking on it.


You can choose any of the locations by just dragging the red dot on a map and then activate it as your desire. Now, you will surprise when you open the Google Map, and it will place the location of your choice in the Fake GPS app.


At last, open the Pokemon Go, and your location will set at your specified location. For instance, if you set the location of other countries, your Pokemon Go location will be the same. Further, you can change your location by adjusting it on the Fake GPS app.

You can also use these Pokemon go hack for Android rooted devices.

Android Rooted Devices:

There are chances that rooted devices can ban due to Fake GPS location frequently. But, you can avail of Pokemon go hack android rooted devices.


Download the Magisk Manager app and install it.


Now hide your root for a specific app by searching the MAGISK HIDE. In our case, we hide the Pokemon go.


Now, restart your android device, follow the above steps for further use of Pokemon go hack android.

Pokemon go hacks for iOS

There must be Pokemon go hack iOS that is expressively against Niantic’s Terms of Service (ToS). You have to involve the third part of the software to use Pokemon go hack for iPhone. It may be a terrible idea to use software for your iPhone that creates the potential for bricking. We recommend you particular caution while installing the third party app for Pokemon go hack iOS. Now, go for the following method.

How to spoof Pokemon go with Joystick on iOS?

It is likely impossible to change the location with the iOS device. So, you have to go through the jailbreaking process to make it possible. You can use a third-party app like Dr.Fone- Virtual Location to spoof the Pokemon to anywhere in the world. It needs to keep in mind that it doesn’t change your location, but it only alters the Pokemon go location.


You need to download the DR.Fone app on your PC and then install it.

Dr.Fone Toolkit
Dr.Fone Toolkit


Now, click on the Virtual Location and connect your iOS device with your PC through an iPhone USB cable. Next, open it, and click on the “Get Started” button.



The world map window will pop up on your PC screen where you need to set your fake location. You can set it by searching for your desire in the search bar.


You can get Joystick functionality to avail of the fake GPS direction mode on the left side of your screen app.

pokemon go
pokemon go

There are two methods to use the Joystick.

  • GPS Automatic Movement:

You can start the automatic movement by clicking the middle start button. You can click the left or right arrow. And or maybe press A and D on the keyboard.

  • Manual GPS Movement

Click on the up or down arrow on the screen to move the pointer. You can also press W for up and S for down on the keyboard.

Possible cheats or hacks for both Android and iOS devices:

  • Botting:

Botting is like spoofing but handled automatically and even worse as compared with spoofing. You can get the army of fake characters, a bundle of scripts, and botters travel to reach a high level of Pokemon go. Originally, it is financed by online maps. However, you may get ban while using this type of hack, and chances are going higher irrespective of past years. You will face the shadowbans that prevent any unethical activities in Pokemon.

  • Multi-Accounting:

If you are not spoofing and botting, you can go for Multi-accounting. Most of the people fill the Gyms from other friend’s accounts to cheat Pokemon go. It is a likely excellent choice to get Gyms and not getting a ban.

  • Cycling or Shaving:

If you don’t want to take over new Gyms, many users switch to a second account for another team and knock Pokemon off its Gym by their team to replace their Pokemon from that team. Pokemon go implements a cool-down timer to prevent players from taking back spots. And that is the best way to help the combat.

  • Auto-IV Checkers:

Pokemon go is not just shadow bans but also for those who access the third-party apps that abuse the API. You may reverse your ban by changing the Google password and prevent to attach those third parties API.


Pokemon go gaining popularity in the gaming industry for many years. There are many hacks available for Pokemon go. You can get Pokemon Hack to improve your gaming experience. However, the Pokemon Go Hack for Android devices flooded the internet since its launch. We will go through you to learn Pokemon go hacks for rooted Android Devices.

With increasing the specs of the hardware, the rooted android devices have become less popular. So, you can avail the gaming experience with no warranty. 


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