How Big is The Bitcoin Blockchain?

How Big is The Bitcoin Blockchain? | Tech Guy Chirag

Bitcoin introduced about eight years ago with a promise to change payments. People would be able to transact their payments directly without needing to place trust in banks.

In 2009, many transactions would be verifiable and validated by the bitcoin protocol. There was a significant adoption barrier in the lack of usability of bitcoin. Now, it has become a popular way of exchanging payments through blockchain technology.

There was a time when people were not familiar with Bitcoin Blockchain but it is too big now that measure in gigabytes. For this purpose, a secure application is introduced for holding the bitcoins called “crypto wallet”

The term “exchange” can use as a trading platform where people can buy and sell bitcoins.

Today, the blockchain has become popular technology and promises to solve transaction problems. It is the heart of bitcoin and an open distributed ledger to record transactions between two parties efficiently. It is a permanent and verifiable transaction way.

What is Blockchain Technology?

  1. Blockchain is referred to as distributed ledger technology to make the digital asset unalterable and transparent with the use of decentralization and cryptographic hashing.
  2. It is a very restricted database whose entries are the bitcoin transaction. The blockchain works as a regular business that keeps an incoming and outgoing record of the money.
  3. The cryptocurrency users need to record all bitcoin-based transactions.
  4. The blockchain is not like a typical database. It stores the data in blocks then chained together. In bitcoin’s case, it is used in a decentralized so that no single or group has control.
  5. The term decentralized blockchains are immutable, which means that data is entered irreversibly. It means that transactions are permanently recorded and viewable to anyone.
  6. Indeed, everyone has claimed that blockchain will revolutionize business and redefine companies and economics.
  7. We can see the enthusiasm of people towards bitcoin; we are worried about hype. Many bitcoin issues concern in the past few years due to collapsing the bitcoin exchange and the more recent hacks.

How does the bitcoin blockchain work?

  1. Bitcoin is a form of digital cash that is tied to an online payment system. It uses a peer-to-peer transaction, which is cryptographically authenticated by the underlying blockchain technology.
  2. All online cash dealings using bitcoins are distributed across all the computers of bitcoins users or accountholder in the world. These transactions are continuously updated on the internet.
  3. The anonymity occurs due to peer-to-peer file sharing and public-key encrypted addresses for all transactions on the network. However, the private key is only possessed by individual users of the system and it is not disclosed.
  4. The private key users attach their digital signatures to carry out the transaction by using the bitcoin blockchain.
  5. In the end, the signatures are verified with the public keys that are available on the network.
  6. In this way, we can use bitcoins as a digital currency. All bitcoins transactions proceed electronically with a nominal transaction fee.
  7. Users can make a transaction through the bitcoin wallet app that runs on a mobile device or web application on personal computers.

How big is the bitcoin blockchain?

Bitcoin blockchain size is at 317.21 GB for 18 Dec 2020. It is up from 317.04 GB yesterday and up from 254.63 GB one year ago. It is bitcoin statistical data that changes 0.05% from yesterday and 24.58% from one year ago.

This amount of information is gained from full mining nodes that need to download and keep on hard drives after synchronizing with Bitcoin’s network.

  • The bitcoin blockchain reached 20 GB in the first four years of its life. In 2016, it reached 54 GB that was a more growing accelerating startup due to more people using the network. Now, it is growing at about 58 GB per year.
  • While it is a significant amount of data that will easily cover in terabyte hard drives and continue to do so for another decade or two.
  • In contrast, the Ethereum blockchain in the archival node is already over five terabytes in size, and with increasing record speeds of rowing block size that pruned node comes in at just 165 GB.
  • In the digital era, the bitcoin blockchain is growing at a faster rate than the last few years ago. It is all due to an increasing number of transactions being made on daily basis and the introduction of a scaling solution that is doubled block sizes to two megabytes.
  • Further, the size of the bitcoin blockchain is significantly not affecting the network’s speed due to full nodes need to download during synchronization.

Global Issues:

  • The bitcoin blockchain is a born-global technology that is reshaping global economics to the next level. It has become a popular technology that connects users from every corner of the globe to allow them cryptography transactions, data-secure, and decentralized transactions.
  • These transactions are making for both individual and business consumers.
  • However, the implications of blockchain technology are multifarious. The cultural implications of this aspect of the technology are currently under-researched.
  • The importance of trust, contextuality, and subjectivity of human interactions is highly crucial to the success of businesses.
  • The main issue of using bitcoin blockchain is a different business structure and dissimilar economies of the world. It needs to cover up these issues to grow the economy of the world because blockchain is a truly global business environment.


  • As we prepare to head into the third decade of blockchain, it is finally making a name for itself. It is now a buzzword on the tongue of every investor in the world.
  • The bitcoin blockchain stands to grow the business and government operations in an accurate, efficient, secure, and cheap way. Further, it possesses some promising and useful features of interest and research in the areas of e-commerce and day-to-day business transaction.
  • Hence, the users are making transactions through blockchain technology that cause the growing size of bitcoin blockchain up to 317 GB. The size of data is pretty much larger than the past few years.

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