How to build a gaming PC for 500$?

Before you build a PC, you’re going to need the right parts and the right direction. That’s why we’re here to help to build a gaming PC for $500. So, installing and configuring a PC isn’t exactly rocket science, but you need to consider a few primary things.

For instance, performing the proper steps in order will ensure that the job does right. With that in mind, we’re experts in building intelligent gaming PC and know how to put together all the components to create a high quilty desktop PC.

Most beginners face various real problems while assembling because building a PC by yourself isn’t just a fundamentally satisfying experience, but it also means you can customize your PC as per your choice.

It’s a lot of fun, and with our help, it is even straightforward to build. So no worries, we are happy to help and guide you on how to build a gaming PC for $500?

How to Build a Gaming PC( PC components)?

First of all, you need a motherboard—secondly, a CPU called a central processing unit, memory, storage, a power supply. Finally, mouse, monitor, and keyboard.

That’s immense of stuff. While configuring the PC, pay attention to what wishes your new PC should fulfill. We recommend that Ryzen 5 3400G with integrated Radeon RX Graphics have the following components that can be under your budget of $500. So, assembling a PC can be so easy! Here are the essential parts:


A motherboard is a primary component you’ll want to select. The Motherboard indicates your PC build’s physical form like factor and size, but it also tells what other hardware components can use for the computer.

It is likely the main circuit board of the computer. And all other hardware components of your computer connect with this circuit board. So, various Motherboards have different sizes and configurations, but you should select one that fits your PC’s choice and under your budget.

Mainly, Asus Prime B450M-A/CSM AMD AM4 (3rd/2nd/1st Gen Ryzen Micro-ATX commercial motherboard) is the best for this PC.

PC Processor(CPU)

Gaming pc
Gaming pc

CPU is central or primary of your PC, and it evaluates the entire performance and speed of your PC.

Usually, its socket directly connects to the Motherboard. And it’s the most significant component of your PC.

However, when it comes to consumer PCs—business and data-center rigs are an exclusive beast—there’s never been a CPU as potent as AMD Ryzon 5 3400G 4 Core, eight-thread.


You will undoubtedly see various of the same terms when you’re looking at memory and storage, but they’re pretty different.

Memory uses for storing data before and after processing. But most important is the memory to retains results temporary till further processing, for instance, Random Access.

It is crucial to select a faster memory while putting together a desktop PC just like HyperX Fury 8GB 3200MHz DDR4 CL16 DIMM (Kit of 2).


The HDD and SSD are both secondary storage that uses permanently store data into your PC.

It is just like your PC’s walk-in closet, where you keep all your PC files, games, movies, documents, photos, and everything of your choice. We better recommend you choose the PNY CS900 240GB 3D NAND, which is SSD.

PC Power Supply

The power supply is another fundamental hardware component. It probably looks like a little box that gives the electricity or power for each running computer part.

The primary purpose of the power supply is to check how speedy and powerful your PC could be. The speed and under your budget Power supply can be Thermaltake Smart 500W 80+ White Certified PSU.

Graphics Card

Gaming PC components
Gaming PC components

The Ryzen 5 3400G CPU has integrated graphics, which should be the perfect match for lower-end gaming.

Using graphics cards so high in cost right now may be the excellent choice for you to get things going smooth and best for the gaming environment.

PC Case

If you have the enthusiasm to play video games, you must build a great video gaming PC. In this regard, a mind-blowing PC case is the first thing you should keep in your mind.

It surely helps to provide access to controlling your lighting. Thermaltake Versa H15 Micro ATX Mini Tower Computer Chassis Case is on the excellent list.

CPU Cooler and Case Fans

CPU cooler and Case fans are volatile visible parts of your rig while you use a PC case. The AMD Wraith Stealth Cooler is an excellent choice for a gaming PC because it has specific air cooling and ideally uses CPU coolers.


We know that you’ve picked out the unique hardware parts for your build; it’s time to talk about other things you’ll need for a quality gaming PC experience.

Let’s start with a PC monitor with high resolution and quality. It is a fundamental part of your PC, and without it, your PC is not complete anymore.

Operating System

Gaming keyboard
Gaming keyboard

It is the software that allows users to interact with PC. Once you install it on your storage device (SSD), you can start using your PC. After that, you can install other software, games, and whatever you want to use on your computer.

However, Microsoft’s most popular one is the window that offers a straightforward and friendly user interface. Secondly, Linux is also in the popular list that has various advantages to use it.

Put Together Your Gaming PC

Once you have done everything ready, now it’s the right time to start building a PC. It can be an intimidating part for users, but the above guide will help you go through it quite easily.

Of course, you’ve done your complete research, and we know what parts are compatible or not. It seems like putting together a Lego kit.

Finally Congratulations!

Whether it is your first one or your fiftieth, Congrats on taking your precious time to learn how to build a gaming PC for $500, hopefully, there’s always more to learn, but if you’ve come this far, you’re well on your way to becoming a DIY master.


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