How to Build Your Own Laptop a Step-By-Step Guide

In our life, we all reach a point where we fantasize about wanting to build our custom laptop starting from scratch.

Because a prebuilt laptop may not have all the specifications and features you wish to have, installing and configuring a laptop isn’t exactly rocket science.

Still, you must know few primary things. Most people think it is as simple as just throwing inexpensive parts and components and just connecting them. But that’s not true; you must have a fully optimized experience to build your own laptop. 

Before you build a laptop, some checklists are to be ticked out first. First of all, grab the right parts and the right direction.

Secondly, performing the right steps in order to ensure that the job does right. Are you interested in building a laptop by yourself? If yes, then don’t worry. In this guide, we will tell you a step-by-step guide to build your own customized laptop. Let’s dig into it.

Grab Key Components

Once you’ve decided what kind of laptop you want to build, you can begin your research and purchase the hardware according to your needs. Here are the essential parts:

Laptop shell

First of all, you have to select the notebook shell. You can go for a white book shell or barebones notebook.

A barebones laptop is a half-assembled machine with a laptop shell, power supply, motherboard, camera, keyboard, cooling system, etc.

After selecting the shell, you can go for components such as CPU, memory, storage devices, etc., to buy and install according to your needs and budget.


Now, we can commence by choosing a processor for your laptop. The processor is the most crucial component of your laptop. It is the engine of your laptop. However, there are plenty of processors available in the market. Not all of them are good or bad.

It depends on you which type of processer you prefer for your laptop. AMD and Intel are the best in the market. You can choose either Intel or AMD processor.

However, AMD processors are cheap compared to Intel processors, but Intel processors are the most widely used processer in the computer world.


Buying memory for your laptop is the 2nd step. In this step, you have to purchase the memory that will easily fit into the motherboard in your shell. You can have 8 GB or 16 GB of memory according to your work.

Hard Drive

 In this step, you have to purchase a drive for your laptop. You can choose between SSD (Solid State Drive) or HDD (Hard Disk Drive). However, SSD is much faster in performance than HDD but high in price.

Graphics card

If you are a true gamer and love to play games, then you can buy a dedicated graphics card for your laptop.


The battery is another essential part of your laptop. While purchasing a battery, you must keep in mind the shape and multiple on the battery. However, there are many batteries available in the market, But We highly recommend you to read reviews of the battery before buying it.

Assemble the parts

PC Components
PC Components

Now, we have grabbed all the necessary parts. Here, it turns to assemble them one by one inside the shell. Please go along the below steps in order to proceed.


First of all, Get a set of jeweler’s screwdrivers. And make sure they are magnetic. 


 Secondly, Flip the laptop’s front side to set the position of your face to the shell. Then, use a screwdriver to pull out the baffle in the CPU section.

After that, Pull up the lever on the right side of the CPU socket to the vertical position. Next, install the CPU, and then return the lever to its original position.

Step 3

In this step, you have to remove the panel covering the drive bay. After that, fix your hard drive and install it here. The bay’s position may vary according to shell design.

Step 4

Next, you have to install the RAM and the wireless network card. In this step, you have to insert them into their slots at an angle. Finally, the memory got installed in the shell of your laptop.

 Step 5

In this step, you have to install the fan that cools the CPU and other components. You will get a fan packed along with the CPU.

After successfully installing the fan, attach the fan’s power cable to the motherboard.

Step 6

After successfully installing all the components, you can secure them by screwing the back panels. That’s it.

Install the operating system and drivers

OS install
OS install

After assembling laptop parts, you can go for installing the operating system and drives.

Before installing the operating system, make sure your laptop battery is inserted and fully charged.

Once your assembling laptop part is OK, you can install the operating system and drivers.


 You must have installed the optical drive to proceed. But if your laptop does not have an optical drive, you can go for the booting option.

You can do windows through a bootable USB drive as well. It’s your choice what kind of operating system you want. You do either install Windows OS or Linux OS.

Step 2

 After successfully installing the operating system, you will need to install the drivers for hardware. Primarily, operating systems install the required drivers automatically.

However, if some required is missing, you can go for online driver’s packages easily available on the internet. Once the drivers are successfully installed, then your laptop is ready for you.

Congratulation, you have successfully build your customized laptop.

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