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In this blog, you will get enough information about building a “Hello world” app with Ionic 4 in Let’s get started! and Create A Full Fledged App In

Step1: Get a subscription for Account

Firstly, you have to sign up for an free trial account for yourself; later on, you can get the Appery subscription after trials. It provides the best platform for building visual apps in a straightforward and fast way.

Step2: Create an app

It’s an easy step to create a “Hello World app” on builder. Follow the below points for building an Appery app.

  • Click on the Apps tab in the platform.
  • Click on the Create new app option.
  • Enter your app name like “My first app.”
  • Selecting the Ionic 4 > Ionic 4 blank template and click on the Create button, the app builder will load after a few seconds.

Step3: App UI (Design your app)

In this step, you can design your Hello world app and its straightforward design.

  • Click on the Design tab and open the Screen1 page.
  • Go to the header, and after that, click on the Properties tab to changing the Text into Welcome Ionic 4.
  • Now drag and drop the elements in the phone area by locating the Card component.
  • Click to the Properties tab and go for the Card Item Title to change the Text property.
  • Last but not least, click to the Card Item and change text property like {{message}}.

It’s straightforward and easy steps to follow, and make your first app with the best look.

Step4: Set up App logic

In this step, all you need to do to set up the logic for your first android app. You don’t have to be creative for setting up an app login. Now, follow the below steps.

  • First of all, click on the Code tab.
  • Now, go for the Variables tab and enter your new variable name in the field like “message.” And click on the add button for adding the new variables with the string data type.
  • Close the Events tab from the bottom of your screen. Go to the Carditem1 component; choose the Click event from the drop-down menu. And it is now setting up the variables action and its name that has been created before.
  • Set the values in Value by inserting your desired text like “My first amazing app.”
  • After performing the above action, click on the Save button to save the changes in the app.
  • Go to the toolbar and click on the Save button.

It looks like you are doing pretty well and good, so let’s test your first app using the platform.

Step5: Testing

In the end, click on the Test button to see your current building app’s output in a new browser in a fast and straightforward way. Further, you can also test your app using a virtual android device, all you need to download and install the Tester app.

Final Thoughts:

It seems like that all the steps mentioned above are quite simple and easy to learn. But, if you don’t get the grades, no worries at all, you can learn about creating apps on the platform by just watching this YouTube tutorial, click here.

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