How to create a game for PS4?

The gaming industry has been revolutionized over the past few years. It is growing day by day with a lot of advancement in a gaming environment. Primarily, it has been seen that most people love to play games on PS4 that is a tremendous experience to enhance your gaming experience with the right platform.

The time has come now you can create or make your games, movies, art or anything imaginable for PS4 with a straightforward process.

Gaming creation for PS4 can be done by a specific tool like Dreams. Regardless of ability level, anybody can participate in this approachable, innovative playground from the developers of LittleBigPlanet.

This is a very excellent experience that you can get in no time. In this article, we will walk you through the guide of creating games for PS4 and everything you need to know about Dreams. Let’s get this party started!

Explanation about Dreams

Dreams” is more like a game that can easily be available on the PlayStation Store, but it is not free of cost.


In simple words, let’s explain that Dreams is a collection of innovative tools for PlayStation 4 by Media Playground, a British creator famous for videogames like LittleBigPlanet and Disney infinity.

However, this entire project was initially built from the ground up to provide tools for aspiring game makers, artisans, unusual and creative people to come to their suggestions or Dreams to reality on consoles.

Dreams, on the other hand, is much more than just building things. It is indeed a social media platform in which you can witness the unadulterated brilliance of a dedicated community.

People may jump from one creation to the next, becoming caught in a blind alley of unlimited stuff, and that is why the YouTube metaphor is so apt. However, contrary to YouTube, users are not restricted to a narrow sort of entertainment.

Individuals could use Dreams to make and play entire games, collaborative artwork, drawings, 3d objects, production design, cartoons, music, sketches, and just about everything else.

It is indeed to Remember that, although there are more complex PC and Mac applications for free-thinking and game production than Dreams, none are as easy to use.

Regarding how easy and essential it is to construct settings, animation avatars, construct items, and represent you worldwide, the initiative revises the playbook.

Start Creating the Games

Parts of Dreams Experience

The Dreams experience is split into two parts. One is the DreamSurfing is the act of taking in other people’s works, whereas Dreamscaping is the act of making things new.

1. DreamSurfing

Owing to the excellent collection of communal material, Dreams provides the flexibility to keep searching for. Select “DreamSurfing” to see Media Molecule’s selected showcases and emerging material from the menu bar. When you’re looking for something more particular, use the search tool’s abundance of labels and classifications.

You can offer something a heads up and join the work to see how it continues to evolve when you discover what you like.

In addition, you can indeed look at the author’s previous works or follow on Twitter to stay up to date on upcoming work.

And you can even call out and propose cooperation if you’re looking for something specific.

2. Dreamscape

It’s good to continue producing in the “Dreamscaping” option once you’re sure to step the tools to the test. You’ll be prompted if you’d like to make a “Scene,” Element, Fantasy, or Collection before you begin.

Scenes, items, decorations, players, music, art, and so on can all be used as scenes and elements.

Dreams are a collection of interwoven Scenes, similar to those seen in a completed videogame or film. Collections are groups of elements gathered from throughout the Dreamiverse.

The prospect of designing your own Scene from the ground up can be intimidating.

Thankfully, you can fill your Scene with something that has been uploaded in the Dreamiverse.

3. Stunning Tools

If you first begin building Scenes or Elements in Dreams, it’s recommended to start modest.

The innovative tools are grouped into categories, such as “Sculpt,” which lets you make items with simple forms like rectangles, cylinders, pyramids, and much more.

In Dreams, sculpting involves accuracy, talent, and perseverance. It could be challenging initially; however, you’ll figure out how to use the tools and assistance to their maximum potential if you persist with it.

Additional tutorials can assist you with tasks such as making a great visual representation, accurately aligning forms, and positioning objects.

4. Controlling Dreams

In Dreams, you can spend time and create components using your DualShock 4 controller. The default control system combines motion controls and analogue joysticks, and it’s compelling.

Even though you can switch off the motion controls, they offer an excellent sense of accuracy while you work. Moreover, Dreams may also be played using Sony’s Motion Controllers.

However, you’ll need two controllers plus PlayStation 4 cameras, such as the one that includes the Visual programming, for this arrangement. Whether sculpting models or positioning pieces in your Scene, the Motion Controllers give a considerably better degree of precision.

Final Words

Following the instructions in the “Dreamscaping” mode is the best approach to get starting with Dreams.

These one-by-ones teach you to critical ideas.

There are expert workshops that demonstrate how skilled Dreams makers use the tools.

On YouTube, you can discover a plethora of sculpting lessons and periods that will educate you on various techniques.

Take a look around the Dreamiverse to get some ideas. Incorporate information from other Dreamers in your own Scenes, and dissect elements to determine what keeps them click.

In short, you don’t need to disappoint after a few failed tries. Certain people are just born with artistic abilities, whereas others have studied 3D modelling or graphic design.

However, Dreams was made for all of us. To continue gaming creation on Dreams, you shouldn’t need to be inherently gifted or have extensive software or design expertise.

The more you practice, the better your abilities will enhance. Good Luck! and if you are someone who is looking to mod their PS4 Do check out

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