How To Fix Water Damaged iPhone That Won’t Turn On?

How To Fix Water Damaged iPhone That Won’t Turn On?

When you have dropped your iPhone in the water accidentally, you don’t have to be panic at all. It might seem like a nightmare for you, but if you act smartly, then you will end up saving your water-damaged iPhone. In this blog, we will explain different ways to Fix Water Damaged iPhone that won’t turn on?

Follow the below ways to fixing your water-damaged iPhone more smartly and efficiently. Let’s get started!

  • Turn off your iPhone:

After dropping your iPhone in liquid, it may turn it off automatically, but if not, you should have to turn it off immediately. And don’t try to turn it on manually during the panic stage.

If you do that, you may lose your Apple device permanently because the water may go inside your iPhone that affects the circuit board.

  • Don’t blow your iPhone with hot air:

If you try to blow your iPhone with hot air immediately, you may think it will be useful to Fix Water Damaged iPhone, but it is not good enough to dry it out.

As if somehow you may do that, it will be a disaster to your iPhone hardware that caused the permanent damage. Further, you may lose your sensitive iPhone screen due to excess heat blow. So don’t try to blow your water-damaged iPhone with hot air immediately.

  • Remove SIM Cards:

There is an essential thing you must have to do after dropping your iPhone in liquid. Once you have turned off your iPhone, you must check that it may not damage the SIM cards.

The best way is to safely remove the SIM cards by using a paper clip or the original SIM card removal clip that takes out your SIM tray. After that, you don’t have to push the SIM tray back and leave the slot open to dry it out through the air.

  • Use a dry place for iPhone:

Try to place your iPhone in a dry place to prevent water damage on interior hardware parts of the device. It is now to ensure that you must put in a warm environment resulting from evaporating the liquid drops inside your iPhone.

Further, it would be best if you had to take some precautions and don’t place it where too much sunlight passed through. To find an appropriate and bearable heat place that won’t damage your iPhone hardware.

  • Silica Gel & Uncooked Rice technique:

Silica gel and uncooked rice technique are some of the safest solutions to dry your iPhone from liquid particles.

Undoubtedly, these techniques are beneficial because they absorb the moisture to make the minimum contact with your Apple device’s hardware.

All you have to place the iPhone in rice or Silica gel packets.

  • Tech expert help:

After following all the above ways, if your iPhone won’t turn on, there is no need to panic. You should get help from a tech genius who can dismantle your iPhone into parts.

And then dry it out piece by piece for few hours. You can assemble it back and try to turn on your water-damaged iPhone device again.

  • Go for Apple Store

There may be chances that, above all, the steps are helpful to resolve your problem. But if not, we suggest the safest approach to visiting the nearby Apple Store out there and Fix Water Damaged iPhone device.

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