How to get a song trending on TikTok?

TikTok is one of the most popular platforms for spending free time listening to music with creative video touch.

We all know that TikTok has become the people’s choice these days, and its market is massively growing globally.

It was launched in September 2017 as a social media app to spread positivity worldwide and create unique plus authentic videos to gain more users. Usually, TikTok has expanded its environment among the users and create a distinctive culture.

Today, TikTok is one of the favorite entertainment platforms for millions of users. Fundamentally, this platform has a proven record of shifting unknown songs into a trending list. In 2021, it has played an influential part in the music industry by providing the opportunity to trend the song on the hit list.

So, we put together a complete guide to explain strategies or critical points that help how to get a song trending on TikTok. Let’s have a look!

Most music companies have looked forward to choosing the TikTok platform for marketing purposes.

Every company knows that once the song trends on TikTok, the more users search for the particular full song, which maximizes its popularity. Undoubtedly, TikTok trends and challenges positively impact the artist’s music if you finally get the creative idea with perfect harmony.

Let’s take a deep look at various steps about how to get a song trending on TikTok.

Explore TikTok

Once you’ve decided to choose the TikTok platform for music or song marketing, you should deeply explore TikTok. In TikTok, there are many trending kinds of music with creative videos available.

So, look at them and think about why they gain so much popularity and their uniqueness. This exploring experience can be very beneficial for trending the music in no time.

Tailor the video fit for music

If you want to trend music, you must tailor your video and develop a creative idea for users. Before tailoring the video, you must have to think like this video is some challenge for users with perfect background song that’s the motive.

So, the challenge should be 15 seconds that will be the best. And keep in mind that the entire content must be creative and influencing for TikTok so that they try at least once.

Further, study your song profoundly and make 15-seconds long TikTok moments that have the potential to go viral around the world. There are other various things you must consider, as a surprising video with song lyrics. And another thing is your TikTok moment should be a unique and perfect combination with your dynamic music.

Song Must be Available on TikTok Easily

tiktok videos
tiktok videos

It’s time to check your song that should available on TikTok, which is quite a simple step. It has been seen that many of the distributer does not work with TikTok, so before trending the music, make it available on TikTok for further use. If it is not available in any case, there are fewer chances to go viral.

Brainstorm your idea

The idea should be creative while making a video challenge, and you have to consider it for yourself.

Think like that what will the viewers want to see, and what type of challenge can it be? Mainly, your challenge should engage more users and easy to understand.

And most importantly, the challenge is that it can be recreated easily for users and let space for modification and interpretation. Thus, the bottom line is the TikTok challenges are a unique concept for users and can expand quickly.

Pick best hashtags

Picking the best hashtags is very beneficial for any trends that identify the people and engagement with the users.

So, pick the best and memorable hashtags that will explain the challenge in a precise way. Once you choose the excellent hashtags for your music, it sticks after publishing it, and then there is no turning back. No matter what your challenge can be but authentic and suitable hashtags are essential for particular users.

Potential Targeted Audience

Before picking any challenging idea, you have to focus on the target audiences that are the best for them. Now think like that the audiences get that content which gains more people in your music.

The content must enjoyable, and what type of content are they interested in? So choose wisely the idea according to your audience which they like most and easily recreated.

Further, if your challenge has more potential to get more audience, then it is likely the chance to get a song trending on TikTok.

Take advice from Influencers.

Once you tailor your challenge idea, don’t hesitate to consult it with the influencers, which is likely the chance to going viral your song. Asking advice from influencers is the best choice because they tell you about your idea of it.

Undoubtedly, they have much more experience with the platform, so you can rely on them and listen to what they will say eventually.

tiktok trends
tiktok trends

Think about the customer journey

It is arguably the most significant step in the entire process because we’ve already seen many artists and their songs get viral on TikTok without any crucial and robust impact on the artist’s career.

And the odds are that the music artist will no longer be famous in any case. In that case, you should focus on how you can shift the TikTok audience to other social media platforms like Spotify or Instagram. Think about how much effort they need to make them stay.

In the end, we will only say that TikTok is viral marketing tool that is fundamentally used for building awareness of a particular song, not build the fan base.

Ideally, your TikTok campaign plays an integral part in reaching out your content that will impact the artist’s career, which stays longer.


In short, all the above guide is the best solution about how to get a song trending on TikTok.

All the above steps are easily understandable that have a significant impact on the music industry or the person who wishes to get a song viral in no time. We hope that you will get it well and try it out once for a better outcome.

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