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We strongly believe that all video content must deserve to be subtitled. You can get English subtitles and other languages subtitles that are compatible with videos. Subtitles make the video more accessible for different audiences, including foreign languages and anyone who can’t watch a video with sound.

Most people are familiar with the use of subtitles in high-quality videos. You may get confused about the captions and subtitles.

So, captions use to increase video accessibility for individuals users who are deaf. It is may not entirely match with the pacing of dialogue or action. In contrast, subtitles are the translation of video that gives a real-time experience for viewers.

However, it is crucial to learn how to turn on subtitles on TV? We will guide you in this matter. You will learn to turn on the subtitles for different TVs. Further, subtitles are a valuable addition to your video content.

You do not only understand the video content. But also increase the English language proficiency by understanding the regional accents and other nuances of language.

Why people use subtitles?

Most people intend to watch other foreign languages movies and TV shows. They don’t know how to understand this language. Sometimes they watch videos on sling TV, cable TV, or Spanish TV cable. There is a need to understand the subtitles. For this purpose, subtitles create for such users who don’t understand the video content while watching.

Subtitles are the translated version of the video that appears as text on the bottom of the screen. However, many people don’t know how to turn on the subtitles on TV? Here are a few procedures that help you in this regard.

How to get subtitles on Sky TV?

Sky TV is a brand that allows its viewers to offer the best experience of watching video content in different languages and types. They provide services of enhanced elements and Sky + boxes. You can choose one from several Sky Q hardware devices that are available with different options, and you can select according to your requirements. However, you may enable or disable the subtitles on Sky TV.

If your video content has subtitles on Sky TV, it will show. Here the steps that help to learn how to turn on the subtitles on TV?


Click on this “?” on your Sky Q remote that will open the accessibility options related to the video content.

 get subtitles on TV
get subtitles on TV


You can select On/Off or enable/disable the subtitles in setting options.

These steps can use for both ways, watching the TV or through Home Screen as well.

How to turn on subtitles on Samsung TV?

You may turn on or off the subtitles on the Samsung TV screen as needed. These subtitles help to understand the best experience of watching the video and reduce the hearing difficulties. If you don’t know how to turn on the subtitles on Samsung TV then here you can learn to follow these steps for old and new models of Samsung TV.

New Model


Turn on the Samsung TV, and then press the “Menu Button” using a remote.


Click on the Accessibility option from the General Menu.


Now you can see the Closed Captions option on the top of the screen. Then toggle off this option to turn on the subtitles.


You can also adjust the size, color, and type of subtitle by using the Caption Mode.

Old Model:

Here are the few steps that work in the old model of Samsung TV?


Switch on the Samsung TV, choose the menu from your remote.


Select the Setup, and then go to the preferences options.


Now turn off the caption, and then click the OK button.


Next, you may turn on or off the subtitles on your video content.

How to turn on the subtitles on Sony TV?

Sony TV provides the closed captioning feature for its viewers. These closed captions are very helpful in the transcription of the video content with its sound. This feature assists impaired viewers while the TV sounds mute. There is a quick way to turn on the subtitles using a remote and many integrated menu setting features.


Firstly, press on the Menu button using the remote.


Go to Setup Settings and press the center button to select it.


Now go to the “Closed Captioning” option.


Select the options either ON or “ON When Muting” to turn on or off the subtitles.

How to turn on Subtitles on Apple TV?

Apple TV provides the best subtitles service for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing viewers compare with a TV set. Most of the steps of enabling or disabling the subtitles are the same for all versions. You can also customize the look of subtitles on the screen.

 get subtitles on TV
get subtitles on TV


Click on the Icon setting on the home screen of your Apple TV.


Go to the General> Accessibility> Subtitles and also for the captioning.


Now, turn on Closed Captions and SDH option.

If you want to turn off the subtitles, toggle off the Closed Captions and SDH option. You can also turn on the subtitles during the video playback by just clicking the touch surface of the Siri remote three times. You can also customize the subtitle look by going to General> Accessibility> Subtitles and Captioning> Style.


Making subtitles as part of your video content can appeal to a vast audience, increase accessibility, and grow engagements. You may even boost your search rankings. You can enjoy the video content with subtitles for longer viewing times, which increases your watch time and video shares.

Further, you can learn how to turn on the subtitles on TV by reading this article. Now, go for the above-described procedure for individuals TVs of different top brands in the market. You can select any of the processes that suit your hardware requirements.

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