How to make money in Uk as a student?

Today, we’ve all searched for different ways to ‘make money online. Especially, students who want to earn some extra money while studying in university or college. As we know, going to university can be pretty expensive.

It makes sense for students to get some extra money to live a little more comfortably. If you are a student in the UK, there are so many ways you can work and earn money via the internet. As a student, it is essential to make money while in school to support you with tuition fees and the high cost of living in this country.

The great news is there are plenty of ways out there that helps student to earn money in the UK. In this guide, we will share some of the ways you can make money as a student in the UK.

These are the following some ways to earn some extra money as a student in the UK.

1.Part-time job

If you’re living and studying in the UK and have a working visa, you have a legit right to work. Which means you can get a part-time job. Various reports in the UK show that at least one-third of students work in the UK while studying in university.

However, one of the most popular jobs requiring little responsibility and experience is being a waiter or waitress. Commonly University cities have surrounded with full of restaurants, hotels, and cafes. These places are perfect for students to work. In the UK, students are usually required to work evenings and weekends, making shifts easy to schedule around their studies.

By getting a part-time job or zero-hour contract helps students to have more control over their work. It means when students need that extra money, they can ask for more shifts. However, when students have deadlines coming up for their university assignments or project, they can tell their boss in advance that they need less work.

In the UK if you need To find a job, get your CVs and giving them to places around town. On the other hand, you can also Look for jobs on search sites like Indeed, Reed, or Total Jobs, or those catering to students like e4s. Alternatively, you can also check out your local sources such as university boards and nearby job centers.


If you’re not a fan of customer service, then online work is a great option for you as a student. In that case, You don’t need to travel anywhere, deal with annoying customers or even leave the comfort of your room.

By getting online work, you can make extra money by setting in your room with more flexibility and freedom than a typical job. In order to do that, you need a laptop, free time, and enough motivation to work for yourself.

Nowadays, students are practicing a certain skill at university and then doing freelancing to earn money in their student’s life. Online work is flexible, continuous, and can pay well if you are good at your skills. Today there are plenty of freelancing platforms such as Guru, Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr. With the help of these platforms, UK students can start to make money on their laptops.

3.Teaching Online

Today, Many people promote tutoring in order to help university students to make money by teaching online. In the UK, you can also register on the First Tutors website as a private tutor to give private lessons to people interested and earn easily.

On the other hand, you can also teach college and GCSE students and keep on top of your academia. Moreover, You can also gain valuable teaching experience and actually enjoy a job you’re good at teaching the subject you study at university. In the UK, you can get a super poofy online platform where you can simply sign up and give a private lesson and earn from $10 and above on daily basis.

4.Student Jobs

Student jobs can be an opportunity for students to gain experience related to their degrees. For example, if you are studying English Literature? Go and Check if any jobs are available in the library. If you are studying biology? trying to take an assistant’s job in the research labs.

If Studying drama?Work at the campus theatre. Every year, universities announce various roles and create many societies to represent students. Moreover, They also pay them a salary, give them great professional work experience. Participating in this type of role can be a great way to spend your time following graduation.

So get the best out of your UK university experience – find a job, gain experience, and fund those student stories!

5.Sell things you don’t want on eBay

If you have any extra stuff in your home or apartment t you don’t need or want, why not sell it on eBay?You can easily get some extra cash from all your unwanted items such as clothes, books, and everything in between and have a clear-out at the same time.

6.Reviewing websites and applications.

It is another efficient way to make money in the UK as a student. UserTesting is a platform where people get paid daily to review different types of sites. A review should take almost 15 to 20 minutes, and you get paid according to per report through PayPal.

It’s working is quite simple, and you need to do is sign-up, do a test and then receive websites that you should review. It is a legit platform which means you can surely make money from the platform.


No doubt, life as a student in the UK can be expensive. So you have to be ready to do some part-time job to carry on with your expenses. Because it can be helpful to have a little extra cash while studying at university.

From weekend-long parties to lengthy book lists, to trips and balls and society fees, you need some extra money to carry expenses. So, to cope with these expenses, follow these above ways to earn some extra money and live a comfortable life in the UK as a student

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