iPhone Keep Saying Wifi Password is Incorrect

iPhone Keep Saying Wifi Password is Incorrect

Have you ever faced the error of “iPhone Keep Saying Wifi Password is Incorrect” when it is actually correct? Well, you are not the only one. Several iPhone users have complained of the same issue and to be honest, it might get annoying.

There are several reasons why your iPhone might not be accepting the password. Before we delve into fixing the problem, please make sure you have exhausted the following bases:

Correct Password

Make sure you are typing in the correct password. You can view what you type, to see if it matches the actual password exactly.

Correct Network

Ensure that you are entering the password for the right connection. For example, sometimes two Wi-Fi connections may have the same or very similar names.

Therefore, be sure that you are using the one that is installed in your house.

Case Sensitivity

Passwords are case sensitive. Turn off caps lock or change it according to your Wi-Fi key. “sign” is not the same as “Sign”, therefore make sure your alphabets are correctly entered.

Once you have done everything above, it will be clear that there is an issue with your phone that needs to be fixed, since you are not making any manual error. There are several approaches you can take to remove the issue:

1.Reboot your iPhone

Try to restart your phone. There have been several occasions where users have reported that the “iPhone Keep Saying Wifi Password is Incorrect” issue is fixed on a reboot of the device.

Simply turn off your iPhone by long-pressing the power button and using the slider to power it off. Once your phone starts up again, try connecting to the Wi-Fi network.


2.Forget the Wi-Fi Network


forget this network
2.Forget the Wi-Fi Network

If the above step does not fix the problem, forget your network, and enter the password again. You can do this by pressing the ‘i’ next to the network’s name and pressing the “Forget this network” option.


3.Resent iOS Network Settings

You can also reset your iOS network settings to set them to default. This will erase any modifications to the original system. The only drawback is that your phone will forget all remembered passwords.   To reset the network settings:

reset network settings
Resent iOS Network Settings
  1. Go to “General” in Settings
  2. Navigate to “Reset Network Settings
  3. Confirm your action
  4. Connect with the Wi-Fi network again

4.Restart Wi-Fi Router


Lastly, if none of the above options removes the error, you can restart your Wi-Fi router. Just turn it off for a few minutes. Then, turn it back on and try connecting again.

The above-given methods should be able to solve the “iPhone Keep Saying Wifi Password is Incorrect” issue. If the problem persists, there may be an issue with your hardware, and you should get it checked by an appropriate professional.

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