When Update iPhone Occurred An Error 4000

When Update iPhone Occurred An Error 4000

iPhones are currently being used by thousands of people across the globe. However, despite being an amazing smartphone, there are some errors that can ruin your whole experience. For example, iPhone occurred an error 4000 is common during software updates. There have been several reports about the “iPhone could not be updated. An unknown error occurred (4000)”, appearing on the screen while updating the device.

     What Causes the iPhone occurred an error 4000?

There are several reasons why you might get the iPhone update error 4000. To delve into some of them:

  • Already installed updates

The error can occur if your phone is already up to date and you are trying to install updates again.

  • Old iTunes

If you are using an older version of iTunes, it might not be compatible with your phone’s software. Hence, the error might be getting triggered if the application is outdated.

  • Locked device

Make sure your device is unlocked during the whole update process. It is possible that the device might show an updating 4000 error if it gets locked during the process. This is particularly common if your iPhone is password protected.

  • Low battery

Your phone battery should be more than 50% for updates to download. In case it falls below 50%, the process might stop and give you the error.

How to Solve iPhone Occurred An Error 4000?

There are several ways you can approach the problem and eliminate it. To discuss some of the possible actions you can take:

  • Download Updates Directly

Instead of updating your phone from the iTunes software, you can download the updates directly. This can be done by going to the settings and selecting software update. Your phone will then check for the available options. Click on “Download and Install now” to begin the process.

  • Update iTunes

Since the error might occur due to an outdated version of iTunes, make sure it is updated. To update it, click on the “Help” option on the iTunes desktop application. Select “Check for updates” and if there are any available, the app will start updating automatically.

  • Install iTunes through IPSW

Sometimes the iTunes downloaded from the Microsoft store can cause a problem. Therefore, it is recommended to use the Apple version. First, uninstall MS iTunes by pressing “Windows + R” and typing “appwiz.cpl”. Next, try installing the app using IPSW directly.

  • Keep your phone on charge

Your phone requires more than 50% of the battery to update. Plugin the charger before you begin the update process so it can complete seamlessly without getting interrupted.


The above-given options are effective in removing the iPhone Occurred An Error 4000. Therefore, following them would allow you to stay up to date without any hassle.

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