Is Apple Dying?

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When Steve Jobs died, most people thought that the Apple Dying and company would fall and face heavy loss. But actually, they were all wrong because the apple did not fall. After all, they had stuck with their business plans and launched their products in the same year.

It had been seen that about 75% of the company’s business directly linked to the iPhone devices. In our opinion, every company goes through the high and low stages. Some of them survive, but some fall. In the case of Apple, they face many financial problems and probably they will fight in the future. But the question is that why everybody thinksis Apple Dying?

On top of that, Apple was the most profitable company, before the launch of iPhones, as far as we knew that they were the second-largest computer manufacturer company in the world. And now it has been growing day by day. In this article, we will talk about the rise and fall of Apple in every possible direction. Get reading!

Is Apple Dying?

Do you think Apple is dying? The answer depends on selling Apple products annually. It seems like the golden days for desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones are over.

The smartphone sold ratio declined for the first time in 2017. Given that almost 1.4 billion were sold, no doubt, it was a huge number, but it was not.

Maybe the number of sold smartphones will go down further. On the other hand, the selling ratio of desktop, laptop, tablets, and computers also declined.

However, the entire business of Apple is based on markets that are decreasing. Many people are thinking about what will be the next big innovative thing in information technology. Is it Smart Voice assistant devices, digital advertising, virtual reality, and self-driving cars? Unfortunately, Apple is not leading here.

  • Dropped share 22% from its peak:

The tech specialist said that the Apple share prices dropped 22.6% from their record high of $137.98 in September 2020. They face a loss of around $532 billion in market value. It is like a very massive loss that ever bears by the Apple. However, the loss of its 4-for-1 stock split, while the other losses also came during Apple’s recent product event in 2020.

apple stats
apple stats

The above graph shows the decline of the recent loss in the Apple industry. Apple Company has a lot of weakness that leads it to the greater loss in September.

Apple most valuable company in the world:

There is no doubt that Apple is the most profitable and valuable company in the world. After Steve Jobs’s death, Tim Cook was appointed as the CEO position at Apple.

The company continued to a greater peak with all strategic planning throughout the year. There are many reasons behind Apple’s success, but few are listed below. Let’s check it out.

  • Diverse Products

pexels pixabay 4158
apple products

Apple has launched several diverse and elegant-look products since the company started. At the start, the company announced many products in the market, including the Apple II series of personal computers, the Macintosh, and other iPhone or iPad products.

Primarily, there is new releasing of Apple products, and its operating system updates attract many customers, developers, and industry.

  • Innovative Business Strategy

One of the significant reasons for Apple’s success is its innovative and constantly changing business strategy. When Apple started, it was just an ordinary computer company. But Steve Jobs always knew that it become the most reputed company in the world.

However, Apple introduced a new variety of products starting with the announcement of Final Cut Pro. After that, the company expands its products beyond desktop computers and start experiments of making mobile phones, watches, Mp3 Players, and more. When Apple reached its peak, Jobs changed its name from Apple Computer Inc. to Apple Inc., which leads to a new journey.

  • Collaboration:

Collaboration with other companies seems a very tough decision. But Steve Jobs made an important and unexpected decision to announce a partnership with Microsoft and Bill Gates, securing a $150,000,000 investment in 1997.

This deal was helpful for Apple because Microsoft would support Microsoft Office on the Macs operating system. Moreover, Steve Jobs announced the partnership with Samsung Company to manufacture the mobile parts.

Dynamic New world for Apple

steve jobs
steve jobs

Apple’s devices have become a significant part of our lives that lead to making profits. Undoubtedly, Apple is introducing amazing and beautiful devices in the market.

However, now that Apple has become the distributor of a credit card. Apple also invests in producing its TV and film content for the industry. The company decides to make a different type of content, including Family-friendly fare, or gritty, challenging-based content. Moreover, the company will take an interest in Netflix and others. Apple digs into people’s health surety that opens up the new challenges in the health industry. 

There are various issues Apple should solve in 2021. For this purpose, the more company will need to collaborate with apple if Apple wants to become more of a services company by 2030, which is the best for its profit growth. 

However, as long as the company sticks with brand principles, learns from mistakes, and ready to adopt new technology to improve products, more people will attach to the company. And no doubt Apple will grow in the future.

Bottom line:

It is probably like that you are reading this article on your Apple device. There are also fairly chances that you are doing it on a MacBook or iPad while listening to music on the iPod touch and wearing a digital Apple watch. You can see that most people like to use iPhone devices or Apple products because all devices look beautiful with bewildering features.

Thus, we have surrounded by Apple devices that increase the demands in the market. Once the product demands a high of a particular company, the company produces more supplies to overcome the needs. This strategy same works for Apple. In short, there is very little chance that Apple will fall in the future. We hope that you got all the information about Apple’s rise and fall.

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