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The league of legends is an online multiplayer video game called “MOB” in short words. It is the most popular game of all time and originated first from the popular strategy game called Defenders of Ancient. It may resemble the Warcraft 3 that inspires the World of Warcraft. We’ll share League of Legends Beginner Guide in this post.

However, the League of legends has simple mechanics and easily accessible to a larger audience. When we talk about how can users play this game?

We say that ten players split into two teams of five, and the battle begins between them on the map called Summoner’s Rift. Each of the players has its character to play known as champion.

In this article, we will guide people who are not very familiar with video games. And play the League of Legends for the first time.

This guide is for the parents who are tech noob and eager to play with the loved ones. The League of legends has millions of users worldwide seemed that around 50 million people watch the 2017 World Championship Finals 2017.

However, this game is very complex to understand, but we are here to guide you with the best scenario. Let’s talk about the unique points that describe the League of Legends Beginner Guide.

Beginner Guide:

Who are the Champions?

  • In the League of legends, the battle begins between the two teams of five players, and each player controls the single character is called the champion.
  • There are 140 champions in the game who have strength, weakness, unique ability, and unique personality. Each player can select one of them of its likeness.
  • However, these champions are monsters, warriors, demons, angels, ninjas, dragons, archers, assassins, healers, pirates, wizards, etc. They play a different role, and every team member must play together.

What are the Runes?

league of legends toy
league of legends toy
  • The runes are the unique bonuses give to the champions to provide the strength or hide their weakness. Before the battle begins, each Champion has to select the 6 Runes from the given 60 Runes.
  • These Runes decide the further customization for your Champion and change the game style that depends on what Runes player takes, for instance, Adarius with resolve Runes and Darius with sorcery Runes both will play differently.

What are the Summoner Spells?

Summoner spells are the bonus abilities for the champions that can use to teleport on the map. As well as getting the boost movement speed. It also uses to reduce the speed and damage of an enemy. There are nine Summoner Spells available in the

League of legends, and each champion can select one of them to increase the player’s ability. However, the most popular Summoner spell is Flash is the outstanding engage Escape tool for many players. And you can select it from several available Summoner spells of your likeness. The whole paragraph leads to knowing about the league of legends beginner guide.

What is Summoners Rift?

league of legends toy2
league of legends toy2
  • The champions do battles in the large and popular map called Summoners Rift. There are two bases available for teams that locate in the lower-left and right-hand corner in the map. The primary purpose of the game is to destroy the opponent’s base.
  • Which supports by a larger crystal know as Nexus and need to destroy first. Further, Summoners Rift divide by the river, and when the player crosses the river, it will enter the enemy’s base.
  • There are also three lanes surround by the forest, which is called a jungle. Each team has its lane protected by an outer tower, an inner tower, and an inhibitor tower.

What are the Minions?

  • Minions are the small creature that spawns in your base and appears after every 30 seconds. Minions attack the first on the enemy when they see the opponent team’s minions.
  • They usually play a vital role because they don’t only use to save the tower but also give you gold when they die. If your champion kills the Minions fast than your enemy, the minions continue to march forward to the enemy’s tower.
  • Whenever the minions die, you will gain the experience to level up and skills points for the champion. However, the gold is most important to buy more items for your players to make them stronger and skillful.

What do you know about Towers?

  • The towers are not attacked until the minions alive, and you can save your champion from the enemy’s tower.
  • These towers take massive damage whenever you shot by your enemy. If you have fear losing the game with a minimum number of minions, you should have to be in the range of a tower that protects you from any attack. While you push to the enemy’s base, it makes you vulnerable to flank by your enemy.

How can you get Items?

On the battlefield, you gain gold after your minions die, and then the champion can use gold to buy items. There are many items available in the game with the variation of cost based on golds.

These items are responsible for giving the additional stats to champions. And make them deal with the damage and provide bonuses to their allies. Further, if you want magic damage to your enemy, you should purchase magic resistance items for it.

How can Elemental Drake be helpful?

  • The Elemental Drake is located in the Southern River and gives your team power bonuses. Each team has 1 of 4 Drake at the beginning of the game.
  • When you kill the enemy’s Drake, it will spawn again after the 6 minutes. It seems that getting more Drake in the game will tend to get more bonuses and strength to your champion.

What is the Elder Dragon?

  • The Elemental Drake will no longer spawn after 35 minutes, and then you will get the Elder Dragon with the replacement.
  • The Elder Dragon is a powerful and dangerous monster that can kill the whole team. It will boost up your surviving skills and reduces the damage for the champion.

Wrapping up:

No doubt all the above league of legends beginner guide is very helpful for better understanding the whole concept of this game. But you can get yourself experienced when you are on the battlefield.

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