How To Get More Surveys On Google Opinion Rewards?

Get More Surveys On Google Opinion Rewards | Tech Guy Chirag

The Google Opinion Rewards app helps you earn money to purchase the Play Store content using more surveys.

You may get fewer surveys throughout the whole year, but the question that comes to mind “how to Get More Surveys On Google Opinion Rewards 2021”.

For this, you must follow the most appropriate ways to get more surveys in just one blog that we will discuss later.

How to get Unlimited Surveys on Google Opinion Rewards?

Google Opinion Rewards
Google Opinion Rewards

By getting more surveys, you will get more Play Store credits. If you are not getting more surveys on Google Opinion Rewards until one month passed, you have come up with the right place. Here the vital insights for your question about how to get more Google surveys on Reddit.

  • Enable All Permissions

Installing the app is not enough; you have to get more surveys by doing something that matters. First of all, you have to enable all restricted permissions. Go to Settings>App and select Google Opinion Rewards, then tap on the consent. Now allow all the listed permissions to appear on the screen.

  • Disable Battery Optimization

You would face Google Opinion Rewards no survey problem if your Battery optimization feature enabled. However, it might save your battery life, but this feature prevents the app from running in the background, and then you get no surveys. By getting more surveys, you must have to disable the Battery Optimization option by going to the Setting->Battery and search for the Google Opinion Awards mod apk then tap on it. Now it’s time to change settings for this app from “Optimize” to the “Don’t optimize” option, then tap on “Done.”

  • Enable location Services

It is crucial to enable the location services to get more surveys on Google Opinion Rewards. Go to Settings-> Location Location and set the turn “ON” location. And also, set it to “High Accuracy” with enabled LocationLocation. It’s not done yet. You must go in the setting for the location history and enable it by selecting the “Account & Privacy.” And tap on Google Activity Controls, then set the Google Location history to be on. That’s an epic way to your problem of how to get unlimited surveys on Google Opinion Rewards 2021.

  • Respond to each survey

When you visit any store, you should respond to surveys answer truthfully and promptly throughout your visit. There is a need for some precautions you must take. So you don’t get involved in fake surveys to get more rewards.

  • Enable Notification

After the installation, you must have to enable the notification for the Google Opinion Rewards app. For this, update yourself regularly and check this app daily.

  • Google Opinion Rewards hack

The hacks and tricks you should know for getting more surveys. The first one is a visit to the specific stores and goes for many other stores. That means the more often you visit those stores, the more money or rewards on the way. The second one is downloading the third-party app to get more surveys and pay you a lot of money.

Bottom line:

After following the above ways correctly, you will get a more prompt Google Survey. No doubt, once you are done with surveys, you will be paid by PayPal and Google Play Credits for both iOS and Android users, respectively.

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