How To Record Screen And Audio In Mac At The Same Time?

How To Record Screen & Audio Mac At The Same Time | Tech Guy Chirag

It may be challenging to Record Screen & Audio Mac with internal audio because the Mac operating system doesn’t allow users to capture the audio for security reasons. However, you don’t have to lose hope because we will provide every possible detail for recording the screen on mac with audio?

To learn the step-by-step guide on Record Screen & Audio Mac 2021, you should go for the below steps. Let’s get started!

Step1: Download the app


First of all, you should have to download the SoundFlower application on your Mac operating system from the internet and install it. It is an extension for Mac devices to record screens with audio in an easy way. As well as you can also send and receive audio with the help of this software.

Step2: Restart Mac device

You must restart your Mac device after installing the software on your device because it is essential to use the software properly. This action will also remove any troubles while doing the recording session with screen capturing.

Step3: Necessarily Settings

Once you have correctly done the restart step, you have a query in mind about how to record internal audio on mac. For this, you will perform some preference settings by visiting the sound tab bar in the software. Set SoundFlower as your active output to do recording correctly. And it will also turn off the audio signal in Mac and transferred it directly to SoundFlower.

Step4: Quick time Window

After performing the crucial settings for sound recording, you will go for the Quick Time Window to help you precede the recording process. It can do it by only going to the file option that appears on the top bar and after that select the screen recording option from the drop-down menu on the screen.

Step5: Start Screen Recording with audio

Now it’s time to start the recording by clicking on the arrow on the screen. It is the best way to make the tutorial through a Mac device. Quick Time Software can handle the video quality, while SooundFlower can help you improve the audio quality. So you can make fantastic video tutorials for any gaming software or applications. To follow the steps, you can easily create a screen recording with audio.

Step6: Finish your Recoding Process

If you follow the above steps correctly, you will end up creating the screen recording with audio. Once you have completed recording, you must have to disconnect the SoundFlower software from audio input so that you will again use your audio speakers on Mac. For this purpose, you must go to the audio settings and then find the output option to selecting the internal speaker as default.


No doubt, all the above steps are efficient and improved versions for how to screen record on mac with audio at the same time. It is probably like that you have come up in the right place to find the best solution to your problem. Don’t say thanks!

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