How To Stop iPhone Battery Draining So Fast?

iPhone Battery Draining So Fast | Problem Solved | Tech Guy

iPhone users express their frustration to Apple’s customer service representatives when their iPhone battery does not hold a charge for long.

Also, they can’t even make it through the day without charging their device. iPhone Battery Draining So Fast over the night is the most common complaint from iPhone users.

These are the following few things you need to do to stop your iPhone Battery Draining So Fast.

  • Background App Refresh For iPhone Battery Draining So Fast


background iphone refresh
background iphone refresh

‘Background App Refresh’ is the most common feature which drains your IOS battery life much faster. It refreshes your phone apps continuously in the background and updates them even when you’re not using them. To disable this feature, go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh. Turn off the entire function or disable particular apps you don’t need to refresh or update automatically.

  • Enable ‘Low Power Mode


low power mode
low power mode

To make your iPhone battery last for several hours longer than normal mode and reduce to drain faster, enable Low Power Moder function. To allow This Go to the setting > tap Battery > toggle the switch next to Low Power Mode to turn it on.

  • Location-Tracking Apps

location tracking
location tracking


Every famous app such as Google Maps, Twitter, and even the iOS camera are tracking your current location at all times. So you need to turn off Location Services completely. To do this, Go to settings > Privacy > Location Services and disable apps one by one. 

Moreover, there is another option under Location Services that will reveal a collection of apps that are stealing away battery life. For instance, Popular Near Me and Frequent Locations.

  • Parallax

reduce motion
reduce motion

Nowadays, Apple has added a lot of new animations and a parallax feature in coming IOS devices from which your iPhone Battery Draining So Fast. The purpose of this feature is to move the wallpaper behind the apps. But unfortunately, this feature drains your battery health slightly faster. To disable this feature, go to the Settings option > General > Accessibility and click Reduce Motion to “on.”

  • Spotlight

Spotlight is an internal search functionality of your IOS phone. Which you can access from any screen, but because it’s continually indexing new data, it’s killing your battery. Go to Settings > General > Spotlight Search and disable what you don’t need, such as events and podcasts. Read more

  • Turn off vibration

vibration on iphone
vibration on iphone

Vibration alert is another small but influential factor from which your iPhone Battery Draining So Fast more than anything else. When you get many push notifications, turn off a vibration alert will automatically improve your phone battery life. To do so off, go to Settings > Sounds > turn off ‘Vibrate on Rings‘ and ‘Vibrate on Silent.’

  • Turn off the ‘Auto-brightness’ feature

auto brightness
auto brightness

The Auto-Brightness feature of your iPhone is another reason which dying your iPhone battery life.

This feature always keeps the display brightness at its highest level, depleting your battery life.

To enhance your iPhone battery life, you should turn Off the Auto-Brightness feature to adjust the brightness according to your requirement.

To disable this feature, checkout Settings option > click on Display & Brightness > Turn off Auto-Brightness. Read more

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