9 apps that help make the world a better place

Many applications have been introduced that entirely change the digital environment around the world.

These apps make people’s life more accessible and easy. Fortunately, various popular and advanced apps are making the world a better place.

You can quickly reach out to the apps through the Android and Apple store. If you wish to do something good like donating the money or helping needy persons but you don’t find a better environment where to start, we have curated a list of 9 amazing apps that helps to conquer the world in a more precise way.

This article will show life-changing and trending apps that you must consider for a good cause. Let’s take a deep look at nine apps that help make the world a better place.

9 apps that help make the world a better place

Suppose you might have seen plenty of ordinary apps that could be no longer beneficial. In that case, we gather the following outstanding apps which are worth considering.

1. SpyGlass

Spyglass is one of the best and most modern GPS navigation app available in the Apple store that is commonly used in car, bike, boat, walking compass or aircraft.

Its GPS navigation function helps to cycle, sail, drive, fly or hike off the road and in the woods. Fortunately, Spyglass plays a significant role for outdoor person and act as a robust toolkit.

This app has undoubtedly apparent features like an Augmented reality navigator and a digital compass functionality for the off-road.

It gathers various helpful tools: compass, gyrocompass, dynamic maps, GPS tracker, a hi-tech viewfinder and many more.

Once you install this app, you will surprisingly get these mentioned features in no time. Also, you can share your real-time position with someone using GPS functionality.

2. Charity Miles

It is fundamentally the best application that allows you to track your real-time movements and then raises money at the same time. Once you install this app, you can raise a lot of money by running, jogging, cycling, or any movement you want.

For this purpose, you have to register yourself in different charities events such as Stand Up To Cancer (RED), Habitat for Humanity and many more. Mainly, Charity miles use as a fitness tracker that is crucial to perform the charity tasks by raising money in munites.

3. Tree Planet 2

If you wish to build real trees, this app can surely help you introduce the virtual tree technique. The app’s primary objective is to grow tons of virtual trees and then shift them into real trees.

There are rules that users must have to water and fertilize their virtual trees as real-life trees are also growing day by day. Primarily, it is one of the best approaches to plant a bunch of trees, and hopefully, most companies are looking forward to adopting the Tree Planet 2.

4. GoodGuide

When you go online shopping and purchase some products and check whether the product is safe and healthy, you can evaluate it through this app.

It is an excellent opportunity for the online community to perform online purchasing with quality. GoodGuide is an exclusively perfect app that includes a database of over 170,00 products with their social, environmental and health ratings.

You can quickly scan the barcode of a specific product, and GoodGuide will tell you whether the product is worth it or not. Further, to download the app, go to the Google or Apple store according to your device.

5. My life as Refugee

If you have enthusiastic about playing war games with others, My Life as a Refugee helps you in this regard. The team of eight players fight with other players in order to win the war forcibly.

So, the app’s fundamental aim is to spread awareness of handling such a terror issue during the war.

Apparently, the game develops by The UN Refugee Agency to teach the players how to deal with tough decisions and teach them how to survive their lives during battle.

6. Good on You

Good on You is the best choice for those who intend to do shopping on trustworthy brands. Fundamentally, this app helps you to find the trusted brands by showing their treatments to employees, animals and other customers.

As well as searching to find out which brands are ethically well mannered and the best, the app definitely helps to select the finest and trustworthy brand that meet your requirements perfectly.

Also, you can reach the brands by giving them positive or negative feedback.

This app is currently available in the US, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, showing ethical ratings of 1200+ brands.

7. Act of Kindness

Showing Good and kind behaviour is the best thing to do in the world. If you do an act of kindness with others, it does not only change the world into a better place but also enhances the self-happiness in a better way.

The act of kindness is available on iTunes, where you can perform some good actions by donating the money to needy ones.

Given that the app owner donates 25% of the app’ advertising money to deserving people.

8. Feedie

Are you going to restaurants where you take pictures of your food and upload them?

The Feedie is exclusively the best app that helps you to convert this habit into something good. Suppose you visit the nearby restaurant and take a photo of your food using Feedi and share it. I

n that case, the restaurant must have to donate to a charity organization like The LunchBox Fund. This organization do charities without any profit and give scholarships to needy children.

9. Vio

If you wish to sing a song but have less attractive, the Vio app transforms your voice into a creative and unique piece. This app is a new type of technological music app that effectively uses to correct the pitch of the sound.

There are various functions of the app like Pinch, drag, swirl and swipe that increase the chances to become a fantastic singer. Further, you can customize your voice pitch and frequency by adjustable keys, scales, tempos and more.