How to download Aptoide and install it on iOS?

Aptoide has gained popularity these days. It is the biggest software “marketplace” application to install various mobile applications to your Android or iOS operating system.

Primarily, the Aptoide app is available in almost 17 different languages and steps forwarding to gain many users day by day. It is basically like an Android or Apple store where users can download and install thousands of applications without any charges.

Fortunately, it’s free of cost third-party platform. You can simply get those apps that Google or Apple store doesn’t allow you to download. Aptoide is certainly a safe platform, and you can get more information about this app through its official website.

Undoubtedly, the Android or Apple store is one of the best free-to-use platforms for different developers. But the Aptoide developers came into the market to take advantage of this thing and launched their app store, which had gained popularity in no time.

To using Aptoide, you can simply download all the apps for free that too large. In this article, we have listed the guide for how to download the Aptoide and describe how to install Aptoide on your iOS device? Let’s get started!

Aptoide app iOS Features:

These are the following key feature that you must know before getting into the Aptoide app.

  • Aptoide app is free of cost, and you can simply download all the paid mobile apps without paying any charges.
  • Aptoide is easily available for all iOS devices that allows you to get Tech support from the official Aptoide blog and their support forum gives you every possible facility in minutes.
  • Aptoide iOS is easily accessible from various countries, and no country has any restriction to download it. This app has almost 70K applications that make it more useful for multiple users.
  • Aptoide for iPhone doesn’t only offer to download free apps, but you can also create your store, and you can manage it by yourself easily.
  • It has a very user-friendly interface which is easier to use. Its elementary interface can help you to download the apps as you download them in Apple or Android store.
  • You don’t need to update your Aptoide iOS because it will update automatically after installation. Also, you can avail of the revert function that means you can get back to the previous version if you are using the latest version.
  • It offers an easy installation process that is the most excellent feature, and you can surely get a lot of apps.

How to download Aptoide?

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the downloading steps you will have to follow to download Aptoide on your iOS device, such as your iPhone. No doubt, it is enough for a simple and easy process. To learn about it in detail, read the next section of this article that will explain jailbreaking and without jailbreaking methods. But we discuss downloading steps for now.


  1. Firstly, visit the official website and where you can download it for your iOS device.
  2. Once you reach the site, click on the downloaded option.
  3. Now, it’s time to install the Aptoide app on your device.
  4. To know about the installation process, follow the below section.

How to install Aptoide on iOS?

The Aptoide installation in your iOS device is not as simple as you think. Let’s go through the installation process in detail.

Installation process:

Step 1:

It is no doubt to say that the installation process is not quite simple and easy. Before jump into the installation, you must have to get yourself knowledgeable about the two ways, the first one is jailbreaking and another one is without jailbreaking.



The term jailbreaking was usually considered to be illegal for different countries. But it has become legal in specific countries like the US, Canada, and the UK. In this process, you have to violate the terms and regulations set by Apple stores that can be harmful.

In simple words, the primary purpose is to avail those features restricted by Apple. Once you will do this successfully, you can certainly download any app that has an unauthorized source.

Without Jailbreaking:

This method is simple, and no need to violate the terms and regulations of Apple. You can simply visit Aptoide’s official website to avail the features and add them to your homepage. Then you are done! All you have to sign in with your Gmail or Facebook login credentials.

Step 2:

You must need iFile, Cydia Safari, Download manager, and one of Installous, iFunbox, or AppCake to precede the installation process smoothly. These three are crucial components.

Step 3:

It’s time to click on the downloaded file you have done previously using Safari or any other browser for this. No matter which version you have, go for the next steps.

Step 4:

Now, ope this apk file to run on one of these components such as Installous, AppCake, or iFunbox. Select that one that works for you and go with it.

Step 5:

It seems like that you have done pretty well and successfully install the Aptoide app on your iOS device. Go and find the best apps for yourself.

The most important thing you must have to note, if you choose the jailbreaking way, you end up in violation of Apple’s terms and conditions. Given that, iOS device users can only download those apps which are available in the Apple store. But by using Aptoide, you can get plenty of apps that are not in the Apple store.


Hey, our beloved reader, we hope that you understand all the above-detailed discussion about the Aptoide app, and you’re pretty sure you got it well. Let us remind you what we have covered above: explain the features and how to download Aptoide and install it on iOS?

No doubt, this guide can help you use the Aptoide App Store for free on Apple devices. Through which you can get multiple apps and games free on your iOS device.

We hope that you have got your solution!