Tilt Five: Holographic Tabletop Gaming

In this digital era, VR technology has grown with the evolution of Tilt Five that is a new emerging holographic tabletop gaming experience providing an excited and unique way to play games having real-life enjoyment.

It is an undoubtedly powerful approach to play games at Tilt Five, which changes the entire VR environment.

Tilt Five has an excellent AR system in order to have fantastic tabletop gaming enjoyment by wearing lightweight glasses, and you can play entire without any discomfort. Its large and wide lens feature makes it more favourable because you can see your friends sitting by your side while playing a tabletop game.

However, the patented 110° field of view optical system allows you to see the whole game board, and you can see everything in front of your eyes, either you’re sitting on a chair or standing around the table. Yes, you can also avail yourself of the chance of a fantastic gaming experience with holographic glasses merging with a board game system. This article will explain everything you need to know about Tilt Five: Holographic tabletop gaming in deep details. Let’s begin!

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Extraordinary Features and working

It is obviously new technology these days, and most people are not very much familiar with its feature. No doubt, its cost high but you will entertain yourself fabulously by playing games with your friend. Tilt Five has various features that discuss below. Let’s have a deeper look at it.

  • It contains a game board which is a retroreflective surface, and you can play games on this board perfectly. There is no need to worry about touching it or accidentally liquid drop because its glass has high resistance. This gaming board provides a beautiful gaming experience which is the best feature so far.
  • You can easily play the game on board using pair of electronic glasses. These have a wider lens, making it more comfortable to have a 110° field of view to get the whole board. Moreover, it contains two cameras are embedded into each pair of glasses. One of the cameras uses tracking the player’s head movement, and another one allows you to keep an eye on tokens, cards and figuring the game.
  • When you play randomly, most people can cheat in different ways, like seeing your cards or skipping the player’s count. But using VR technology, you have complete control and focus on the entire gaming board without involving yourself in any issue. There are no chances to chat with friends. However, the company said that the Tilt Five system always focuses on boards a few meters away. Mainly, the latency of the game will be 6 ms.
  • It includes lightweight pair of glasses, and definitely, there will be no hurdle if you wish to play a game for a longer time. There is another feature of high-quality sound that comes up with built-in stereo speakers, and there’s also a microphone that allows you to talk to players online.
  • The Bluetooth feature makes it more accessible, and you can wand controller easily. And it also allows players to get the point and poke at things on the gaming board. Further, a bunch of blocks in-game can push over. For instance, you can activate the dragon by typing it and blow fire from the dragon mouth.


  • Consisting dual 720p HD projectors, polarised for stereo display
  • 180 Hz colour field
  • Amazing hardware image
  • Dedicated 8MP computer vision camera
  • 110° diagonal field of view
  • USB 3.1 gen with two connectivity
  • 60 fps rate supported application
  • Stereo speakers
  • Microphone
  • 85 grams total weight of glasses
  • Bluetooth Low Energy

Successful VR Tilt Five

The creative and genius mind behind the Tilt Five is former Valve engineer Jeri Ellsworth. Ellsworth has been in the struggle of creating Tilt Five for many years, and she finally inspired from her previous job to use projection-based AR glasses six years ago. Firstly, this action leads to create her own business called Technical Illusions and then it became a company called castAr.

Unfortunately, the business had gone fall into a financial crisis after initial success. Even though she faced hardships in her life but she didn’t lose hope. Finally, she gathered the last employee’s team and started working on creating something big and new. Hopefully, Tilt Five was born after much struggle.

As the company grows, Ellsworth has become the CEO with complete control over the company’s direction and finance matters. It has seen that the company has gained a large of profits from Tilt Five and number is constantly growing. Let’s tell you how you can access to Tilt Five AR set.

First of all, each pledger must pay $299 in order to receive a full Tilt Five AR set. Once you put more money, you can unlock the stretch goals that raise the money. Secondly, you will get a new colour for the gaming board. Thirdly you will obtain the new colour of glasses, and finally, the next goal has not announced yet.

When it comes to the success of the AR startup, it’s all because of the fantastic features and its high quality, which makes it more unique in a gaming environment. However, it is just like the two most famous concepts are merged, such as traditional board games and virtual reality. You can play various games, from board games like dragons to action games among your friends, efficiently.

The Bottom Line:

In short, all the above guidelines may be enough that explains a lot about Tilt Five. But we will summarize the whole topic in simple words.

Tilt Five is like more than a fascinating system that has vast potential to become one of the leading augmented reality games systems out there. So, if we put together all, we undoubtedly speak that it’s like a pretty comprehensive system that ever creates in the gaming industry. It changes all the digital concepts and fills the digital gaps in a more precise way. Thus, you can start playing on the gaming board wearing glasses without reading plenty of boring rules. Suppose you wish to play with your friend and the session goes long. In that case, you can save the session and then starts it again when you want. That’s a very exclusive approach of Tilt Five. Moreover, you can quickly play games with your friends even if they are not in your room, but the only condition they must have a Tilt Five set with an internet connection.