Video games that can help you in real life

Nowadays, video games are not just games; these are the ones that can help you in your real life.

That might sound crazy because we all heard from our parents and teacher that video games would rot our brain. But real gamers know that’s not true. Some people believe that video games can lead people to violence and even addiction.

However, many games also teach some real world through their storylines and gameplay. In the market, you will see video games that can be both good and bad.

Video games offer fun and entertainment and help people develop valuable, real-world skills to become productive members of society. In addition, these game can teach you many skills and knowledge that you will carry with the rest of your life.

In short, it’s totally up to us that what type of game we will choose to play. So here is a list of some real-world video games that can help us in real life.

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PC building

First of all, it is a really cool and fun game to play. But more importantly, it has a bit of career mode where different people bring their PC to you.

So you have to diagnose the problem and fix them or build them to satisfy people. Moreover, you are doing it with real-world licensed computer parts from all big companies, including their cases. Many people have said that they have no idea how a PC work, so this game will absolutely help them.


Minecraft is one of the most beloved games of children. This game is already being used in some school curriculums to teach children engineering and coding skills. The player can create everything from buildings to an actual working computer with all components in this game.

The best thing about this game is that it will help you enhance your academic skills and foster creativity. The players who’ve played the game for a long time know the Redstone circuits. These circuits teach players about logic gates and the basics of computer programming.

The Hunter (Call of the Wild)

If you enjoy hunting but don’t have the capability to do so, this game is probably one of the best you got lately.

This game comes with many details for you before going on a hunt, such as tracking down animals and aiming down animals.

In addition, the hunter game will help you to know about animal life, like their sleep cycle, daily activities, which will improve your hunting skills. In short, this game will enhance your hunting experience.

Cooking Simulator

If you wanted to be a professional chef, you must play this game. By playing Cooking Simulator by Big Cheese Studio, you become a chef of a large, realistic kitchen and assign tasks such as dicesimmerblend and season your way to becoming the most incredible chef of all time.

Flight Simulator

Flight Simulator is another amazing real-world game that can teach you to fly a plane by yourself. It is one of the most accurate, authentic games that will help you experience a real-world flight simulation. By playing this game, you can become a pilot.

Today, many pilots continuously play this game to get more practice, try out a new route, or practice emergency drills. In short, Microsoft’s Flight Simulator a video game that can help you to get real-life skills.

Rocksmith | Guitar & Bass

Rocksmith is a real-world game that can teach you how to play the guitar. This game gives the player a solid lesson to improve your playing techniques.

It feels you like playing real guitar along using the actual strings. The best thing about Rocksmith is to learning the actual parts of top-rated songs. In Rocksmith, there’s no abstraction or translation of learning music. You can quickly learn how to play a real guitar while playing Rocksmith.

Farming games

Farming video games are pretty easy to scoff at. However, by playing these game, you can get a real-world experience of farming without getting your wellies dirty.

These games come with hundreds of thousands of actual farm equipment to help you with real-world farming. Moreover, farming games will let you experience the hardship of real-world farming. The game has real-world counterparts of farming equipment and numerous global regions to farm in. In short, it provides the most realistic farming experience ever.

Two Point Hospital

IF you want to pursue your career in hospital management, then you must play this game. Two Point Hospital is a real-world game that will enhance your management skills and get you a high-level job in a hospital.

In this light-hearted hospital management simulator, You can experience the natural word hospital management system. In addition, you can customize the hospitals, unusual research illnesses, cure patients, and train staff in this game. In short, by playing this game, you can get all things you need to manage hospital workflow.

Car Mechanics

It is one of the most beloved game right now. In this game, you will get some damn idea to build an actual car. In-Car Mechanics, you can basically build a car from the ground. You will get basic information on all car parts starting from engine to body.

How to use them during car building and everything related to cars. This game will have a whole mechanic shop and office to manage. You can search for parts and use them for salvages to build up a vehicle. If you are a car lover and want to build a car in the future, you must play this game to have a real-world car building experience.


No doubt, Performing video games in real life is going to be more challenging, but at least you have some knowledge to deal with it.

While playing Video games, you can test your real-world skills and improve them. However, The most important things you need to keep in mind while jumping into any video game that what skills it teaches you in your real life.