What To Do If Your iPhone is Overheating?

Your personal device or iPhone’s internal temperature is not depending on the outer environment. If your iPhone is Overheating, it can create quickly draining the battery, forced a shutdown, and even melt your iPhone device. It may be chances that your iPhone will not restart again after a forced shutdown.

Why Your iPhone is Overheating?

There are a lot of reasons why your iPhone is heating? It is not due to the overall surrounding temperature. It is also because of the battery issue, multiple apps running in the background that uses a lot of battery to drain it out faster. And you end up having a problem overheating.

On the other hand, there may be another issue that regular use of iPhone increases the iPhone temperature. If you forget to unplug your charger after reaching 100% battery, it can also be why your iPhone is Overheating?

What to do if your iPhone is Overheating?

If you are looking for the solution to getting rid of the iPhone overheating problem, you’ve got yourself in the right place. So all you have to take some precautions to prevent your iPhone from overheating problem. Follow the below tips and tricks that explains all the possible solution.

  • Disable your iPhone Background Refresh:

The background refresh functionality can be overheating because it refreshes your apps every time in the background, even you’re not using it at all. That the slightest drawback of your device to warm your device. For this, go to Settings and disable the Background Refresh option for a better cause.

  • Prevent your iPhone from SunSun:

Your iPhone device works at optimum temperature if it exceeds the limit above 35 degrees centigrade. It causes the problem of iPhone is overheating. To prevent your iPhone from the SunSun, it is the best solution to save the iPhone from overheating issues.

  • Charging with Official Apple Charger:

Most people don’t have an official Apple charger, and they can ignore it either they have an official or unofficial Apple charger. So while charging your iPhone device, charge it with an Apple charger that can prevent overloading the battery resulting iPhone overheating problem.

  • Turn off unwanted apps:

If you have apps in your iPhone that are no longer use for yourself, you must have to turn off all the unwanted apps that keep draining the battery cause your phone to work harder. Now go to the app’s settings and remove all unwanted apps quickly.

  • Turn on Airplane Mode:

Airplane mode allows to turn off all the background activities, including GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi, and Cellular data. Eventually, go to the Control Centre and tap the plane icon.

  • Avoid brightness up:

Turning your brightness can cause your headset to overheat by draining your battery quickly. Check if your screen brightness up; go to settings and find out the brightness option, then make it low.


We are very much sure that all the above measurements can help you with iPhone overheating problems. If they don’t work out, find a drawer or glove compartment and put it there until it’s cool down.