How To Unlock Movies On The Netflix App?

How To Unlock Movies On The Netflix App? | Tech Guy Chirag

Netflix is the biggest on-demand video streaming platform to curate movies and TV shows according to your taste. Netflix has 183 million paying subscribers all over the world that is increasing day by day. If you are in a mood to enjoy worthy movies on Netflix, you will be able to find something new by searching for its name. So we will guide you about how to Unlock Movies On The Netflix App.

There are very few chances to choose the worth watching movie in a large quantity of movies list. Netflix will only show specific movies and genres on the home page that you would have watched previously. It is based on the Netflix algorithm that collects users viewing data. If Netflix doesn’t suggest a specific subgenre, it is grueling to find out on your own.

However, users have realized that Netflix doesn’t provide the best searching functionality that anyone demands. It is pretty hard to unlock more movies on Netflix. In this article, we will guide you on how to unlock movies on Netflix?

Fortunately, there is a bundle of codes that will use to unlock hidden movies according to your taste. You can use these codes to view all the movies and TV shows that Netflix ever has in a specific genre. For this, you have to follow the following instructions then you will try it out for yourself.

Netflix Codes :

Firstly, we will help you to understand the Netflix codes. For this, it is a simple movie or TV show code. Netflix has a group of genres that you don’t see directly. But they exist for sure while searching on the top of the app screen.

You can search for any genre like Action movies, Comedy movies, and much more. To find out the exact type of movies and TV shows that you want to watch. Each genre has a unique code; you can get your genre using these codes to get the exact result of what you are looking for on Netflix.

How to unlock Movies on a PC or MacBook?

You can unlock movies on your PC, laptop, and MacBook by using unique Netflix codes that are entirely straightforward. All you have to know about the URL and secret Netflix code for the genre you want to look for on Netflix. Here is the required URL that is used to unlock the movies in a definite genre.

URL: https:/[Netflix Code]

Each genre has a unique code that helps you to find out your required movies or TV shows. There are a bunch of Netflix codes. We will guide how to use these codes in your browser of laptops or PC. For this purpose, let’s see an example to know how it works?

For instance, if you want to watch action movies on Netflix, you will find Netflix code for that particular genre. The genre is “Action and Adventures” which has a “1365” code. However, all you need to copy the above URL and paste it on the browser search bar with code. It looks like that will be When you press, it may show the result that is given below in the screenshot

Similarly, you can use this link according to your genre by just replacing the Netflix codes.


How to unlock Movies on Android or iOS devices?

If you are eager to use the Netflix app on your iPad, iPhone, or Android devices, you don’t need to use the above-mention URL. We will guide you on how to unlock the movies by using Netflix codes?

Unfortunately, you can’t use Netflix codes in the Netflix app for your Android or iOS devices. All you need to unlock the hidden genres in your app by just doing follow our instructions. Let’s take an example to understand how it works?

Let’s say if you want to watch the genre of “Military Action and Adventure” movies on Netflix. The genre id for this is 2125. You don’t find the genre by typing id on the search bar. For this purpose, you have to follow these steps.

Step1: You have to launch the Netflix app on your desired device.

Step2: Now, you can type this genre “Military Action and Adventure” in the search box. Here you can see the screenshot for this specific genre.

Netflix genre screenshot

Netflix genre screenshot

Step3: In this screenshot, you can see all the movies related to the genre.

Step4: Further, you can tap on “Explore Title Related To” for the exact genre you are looking for on Netflix. This action will show up the specific movies on your required genre.

It is a simple and easy process to find out your particular genre by typing in the search box. We will show you the list of the genre with its code. This method is working on all your iPhone and Android devices and also on OnePlus 6. Further, it works on PS4, Xbox One, and even on Smart TVs.

List of Netflix Codes with its Genre:

You can see the list of Netflix codes that will unlock more movies and TV shows on Netflix.

Action and Adventure (Code:1365)

Action Comedies (Code:43040)

Action Thrillers (Code:43048)

Comic Book and Superhero Movies (Code:10118)

Westerns (Code:7700)

Martial Arts Movies(Code:8985)

Military Action and Adventure (Code:2125)

Anime Action (Code:2653)

Anime Sci-Fi (Code:2729)

Anime Horror (Code:10695)

Children Family Movies (Code:783)

Classic Movies (Code:31574)

Classic War Movies (Code:48744)

Comedies (Code:6548)

Political Comedies (Code:4426)

Cult Horror Movies (Code:10944)

Cult Sci-Fi and Fantasy (Code: 4734)

Romantic Comedies (Code:5475)

Campy Movies (Code:1252)

Faith and Spirituality Movies (Code:52804)

Kids Faith and Spirituality (Code:7511423)

Boxing Movies (Code:12762)

Romantic Movies (Code:8883)

Spanish Movies (Code:58741)

Horror Comedy (Code:89585)

Monster Movies (Code:947)

Supernatural Horror Movies (Code:42023)

Baseball Movies (Code:12339)

Boxing Movies (Code:12339)

Independent Action and Adventure

Soccer Movies (Code:12549)

Romantic Foreign Movies (Code:7153)

Zombie Horror Movies (Code:75405)

Foreign Gay and Lesbian Movies (Code:3329)

Romantic Gay and Lesbian Movies(Code:3329)

Indian Movies (Code:10463)

Japanese Movies (Code:10398)


In this article, you will know how you can unlock the movies on your android, iPhone, PC, or laptop, and any other platform. Further, Netflix doesn’t launch new code frequently; we will update you if any other new genre makes its appearance.

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