Voxi vs Smarty vs GiffGaff vs Lebara

Buying a mobile device is only the beginning. In this age of continual communication, the speed and reliability of your selected network are crucial to communicating with your friends and colleagues while on the go.

But which cellphone network is the most reliable? Since there is no easy fix, we are here to assist you in determining which connection best fits your requirements.

Connectivity varies from location to location and from regular life.

All of the prominent companies’ websites will tell you that they have excellent coverage worldwide.

The reality is more subtle. In this article, we will go through the major mobile networks in the United Kingdom in detail in order to help you out and make a decision while looking for a mobile network.

Let’s get started!

5G Networks Support

The most talked-about issue in the mobile industry right now is 5G, which is presently being rolled out across the United Kingdom.

You should bear this in mind while choosing which network to join. In order to have access to higher internet speeds, you’ll need to have a 5G-capable phone as well as a network that allows 5G.

Below you can see which mobile network offering 5G support or not :

  • Voxi has 5G on 20GB and up plans
  • Smarty has no 5G options
  • GiffGaff has 5G on all options
  • Lebara has no 5G

MVNO Provider

The first significant distinction is which network provides service to the MVNO. Network devices provide more excellent coverage based on where you reside.

So before choosing the network carrier for your phone, make sure what kind of service are available in your area.

  • Voxi makes use of Vodafone.
  • Smarty employs three
  • GiffGaff makes use of O2.
  • Lebara uses Vodafone.

Each Network has its own set of benefits

These are the following benefits of each network that distinguish them from each other:

Start from Lebara, it is the only company that provides international phone calls, which has made them a popular choice for those who have spouses, kids, and colleagues who live in other countries.

Voxi uses several online platforms as standard; thus, no information is recorded while using Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook Messenger. Some system choices include limitless film, which works just like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Online video, My5, TVPlayer, and UKTV Play.

Due to its phone contracts’ simplicity and low costs, GiffGaff became one of the most famous UK mobile networks outside of the top 4.

Users may cancel or move between various monthly payments or renewals early to top up their limit, unlike many other UK providers.

Smarty has swiftly risen in popularity owing to its innovative SIM-only plans that decrease your costs for data left. Smarty prices range at 30Gb a month for £10.

If you really want to go all out, there’s also a genuinely unlimited plan for £25 that doesn’t include data reductions. Smarty uses Three’s carrier and only provides rolling 30-day contracts.


Voxi vs Smarty vs GiffGaff vs Lebara
Voxi vs Smarty vs GiffGaff vs Lebara

Here you can see the comparison between all four mobile network providers:

Voxi is a Vodafone-owned mobile network aimed towards young people that provides “unlimited” bandwidth for social media apps.

You may use Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Pinterest, and Viber without using up your data limit, regardless of your Voxi package.

All Voxi pricing restrictions, whether on a device or a SIM-only plan, can be adjusted at any time.

Unlimited calls and messages are included in all plans. For 15GB or under data, SIM-only plans start at £10 per month. But for 30GB or under data, SIM-only plans start at £20 per month. However, you can get unlimited data with £35.

SMARTY is a SIM-only mobile network provider that is pretty much unknown. Three is the source of the power of SMARTY.

It’s intended for simple operation, with 3 data savings options that lend you free back for left data. For 30GB or under data, SMARTY plans start at £10 per month.

But for 100GB or under data, its plan starts at £15 per month. However, you can get unlimited data for £18. Smarty is yet to make a 5G announcement.

GiffGaff is another highly ranked mobile network provider in UL. It also offers a variety of data plans to its clients. GiifGaff’s first data plans start at £10 for 10 GB or less of data.

This network does not have any packages less than 10 GB. The most expensive £35 option includes unlimited data as well as calls and texts. An O2 company manages GiffGaff.

Lebara is a Vodafone-owned mobile network that offers 15 PCM and unlimited international calls to 41 countries.

If you have family/friends in another country with whom you communicate daily, the other options just do not compete.

Lebra’s initial plan starts at 5GB of data or less for only £5 per month. Similarly, opportunities for 15GB or less begin at £15 per month. However, for £25, you can have unlimited data.

Which one is the best Option:

Voxi and Smarty are currently my personalised picks. I’m now on Wise since it’s the most inexpensive altogether for data, and I have a Vodafone month-to-month SIM, so I didn’t need to double up on Vodafone.

Lebara is not economical in terms of understanding, but the £15pcm option allows for unlimited international calls to 41 countries. If you have family/friends in another country with whom you communicate on a daily basis, the other options just do not compete.

Even though GiffGaff offers 5G on all of their plans, I don’t believe they are cost-effective on the lower-tier projects.

I think that most people on a £10 per month budget would be better off with more information rather than quicker data. On the other hand, for £20pcm, I believe their offer is superior to Voxi. The Smarty cost speaks for itself, and it is 4G only.

Final Thought:

In short, we have created the following information to help you choose which mobile network is the best fit for you.

Furthermore, ask yourself about your goals for going forward because now you have all of the above information in your mind to choose the finest mobile network for yourself. Good Luck!

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