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Cheat Droid is an Android application build for app developers to check for any security avenues and other vulnerabilities in their applications, it is the best common preference editor tool for Android applications. Shared preferences are the files where applications often collect and store user information. Cheap Droid APK Edit these shared preferences to test this data and you can modify the data stored in these files.

Cheat Droid is a shared preferences editor that gives you complete control over your Android smartphones and tablets. Before installing this application make sure you have a rooted smartphone or tablet, this app only works on rooted devices.

If you are unsure you can look to use the Root Checker APK and if your device is not rooted you can use these apps to root your device’s SuperSU, Kingroot 4.4.4, and Universal Androot, If you already have a rooted device you can use the Cheat Droid app.

You can import and export shared preferences with the Cheat Droid Android app, if you are a rooted user this should have something that works for you.

Cheat Droid is considered to be one of the best Android tools for Android debug as well as games so that you can hack and debug other Android apps in addition to hacking Android games or editing Android games through the Cheat Droid app. However, the

Cheat Droid tool for Android is a multi-functional tool designed primarily for Android development purposes and can also be exploited for hacking. However, it is up to the users whether they use the app for ethical hacking or unethical hacking but we strongly discourage the unethical use of the Cheat Droid app as it is a criminal offense and if you do so you Can be punished.

Features of Cheat Droid

  • This great hacking app allows you to recover game passwords in case you forgot.
  • It’s completely free and you can download it in seconds without a moment’s hesitation.
  • This application also supports third-party brands in every Android operating system
  • This will allow you to edit plain text, shared performances, third party apps, and other working Android apps and games.
  • Once the device is rooted, the application plays an important role. If the device is already rooted, you do not need to root again
  • Looks like the old version does not release any bugs
  • This app gives you a way to protect your privacy
  • All types of games can be hacked and modified when the game is online or offline.
  • Ready to edit specific data in shared trends.
  • Cheat Droid Root and Rootless App is considered to be the best tool of shared preferences editor for the Android operating system.
  • 100% safe and secure application
  • Any of the permanent text can be changed using its tools.
  • It lets you customize various Android apps and games on your Smartphone and create your own designed apps and games.
  • Each closed activity can be reopened within seconds
  • This is a secure app, and you don’t have to worry about personal data hacking.
  • This helps you manage all the security settings you can on your device to keep your data safe.
  • Shared performances include Add, Search, Delete, and View.

How to use a cheat droid?

cheat droid pro
cheat droid pro
  • It is an app that is used to edit the preferences shared by the user. This app is used to remove bugs and edit the preferences of apps and games on your mobile. It is a tool developed to increase security terms by indicating bugs or viruses ready to attack the user’s confidentiality. Cheat Droid also helps to control the access of apps to user’s information.
  • It allows to access only basic information needed to use an android app or game. This app also helps to secure the important information needs for the customization of games and apps. It is used for multiple tasks related to security and hacking issues. It can amazingly recover your password in games or apps if you forget it in any case.
  • This app needs root to run on your android. We can use it on ios and Android operating systems. Cheat droid app is categorized to use in games. It is a very interesting and amazing app that is used to hack games and also helps to play on android.
  • It is not developed in a complicated way, even beginners can use it easily. Cheat droid never takes responsibility for the mess that occurred in the functionality of other apps or mobile. It must be used in a restrained way to enjoy its benefits. It is an amazing alternative to a few popular apps used for gaming like game killer apk, freedom apk, cheat engine apk, and SBman game hacker.
  • Rooting is necessary to use this app on your phone. Auto root or quick root tool can help you if your android is not rooted. After rooting you can use this amazing app on your android. It is a little difficult to hack games for some beginners.
  • You must aware that every game cannot be hacked easily because of its unique coding. Here is the step by step procedure to use a cheat droid;
  • • First of all, you need to install it from the play store after rooting your mobile.
  1. • Set and found the games and apps that are expected for hacking.
  2. • Got a cheat droid and open it.
  3. • Here is a list menu of apps and games.
  4. • Select the desired game or app you want to hack and click on it.
  5. • The next page will open.
  6. • Find out the Dr. driving link and click on it.
  7. • A page will open again. It will ask you to choose a coin.
  8. • Click on the coin and open it. Change it to your desired price.
  9. • The next save button will appear, click on this button.
  10. • Now close the app and open again on the game.
  11. • It is done, now play and enjoy your games.

As we mentioned earlier root is a necessary thing to use cheat droid app. The root is like access that provides the android with an admin approach. Its negative or bad use can create a mess and affect the functional ability of other apps. It may disturb the complete android system. And cheat droid also never take responsibility for its bad impacts on apps. You have to clean the data from the affected app if it is not working smoothly.

should your root your phone for cheat droid?


In rooted apps, it works amazingly. It gives the opportunity to search, find, edit, add, or remove the preferences. It also offers to look at the complete details of preferences. Cheat droid also allows the export/import of files of preferences. These files contain data collected and stored by apps and games. Thus the control offer helps to edit and remove the stored data. But this feature is available only in-cheat droid pro. So you need to upgrade your app if you want to use this feature. All the features available in the lite version are also technical and useful. It also allows you to take control of privacy.

Editing in preferences is very easy. Open the desired app that you need to check the preferences and click on it. The editor of preferences has a feature of easy-to-use editing. You can edit the preferences by using this feature. It gives a bonus feature that allows you to check files of the database.

The cheat droid app does not allow any illegal function on it. It is a secure app that secures you from the harms of others and secure others from your illegal work. It disallows the interruption of the third person. This app allows only legal hacking of games and apps. You can use this app in other apps only at your responsibility or with the consent of the author.

The latest version of the cheat droid is more compatible than the old one. It has more wonderful features. It allows a lot of games to hack and play. Multiple errors have been fixed in this version. A search option is added now to find required files quickly. Now it works more smoothly, faster, and efficiently. Errors and bugs that disturb the functionality of the app are fixed now. The “View export file” option is also included in the advanced version of cheat droid. This latest version has an easy interface that is user-friendly and any cheat droid user can hack games easily.


Are you a game lover or hacker and want to customize your Android apps to your liking? Or if you are a web developer and want to find security flaws on your Android apps then you don’t have to go anywhere and waste your precious time looking for useless things. In this post, we will give you the solution to all the things that are “deceptive”. This app is used for Android and with the help of this app you can hack your mobile games and cheat for the games of your choice and you can customize your phone as per your wish.

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