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BitComet is a platform or cross-protocol that uses HTTP and FTP clients written in C++ programming language for operating systems. The 0.28 was the first release version when it came to market. Now it is currently using the 0.50 version with the BitComet logo and supports 52 different languages.

It is a multi-protocol hybrid download manager and peer-to-peer file sharing application that supports many download tasks. To download specific files, it gets to draw the files from various sources across P2P and client-server protocols.

Further, BitComet has some primary features include an embedded internet explorer that allows users to search for torrents.

Along with its features, it also supports bandwidth scheduling, UPnP gateway configuration, Web seeding, Peer exchange, NAT traversal, support for magnet links, initial seeding, and selection for specific files from torrent packages.

It allows the users to play the media file while downloading because of its Preview Download Mode.

No doubt, BitComet for Mac is also available, and you can download it from different sites. Mac users can avail all possible features that BitComet provides with the best scenario.

However, it also has a large client market for BitComet android. That’s an exceptional app available in the android play store and allows users for torrents.

In this article, you can go through the various important concepts regarding BitComet that provides the best downloading torrent experience for its clients.

How do I download BitComet?

  • Anyhow, users can download it for different operating systems and now available for Microsoft Windows, BitComet for Mac, and BitComet android.
  • It is fast BitTorrent download client that supports P2P file-sharing freeware and P2P protocols for high-speed distribution.
  • BitComet for Mac support many download tasks include speed up downloading and customization downloading requirements.
  • In this article, we will guide you on how can download BitComet on your desired devices? Well, there is a simple and easy way to download BitComet.
  • Here is the step by step guidance for downloading the BitComet for different devices.


  1. First of all, go to Google and type BitComet Download.
  2. Now you can see the many websites that provide the downloading facility, but you have to go to the bitcomet.com website.
  3. In this step, visit this official website for BitComet that supports download for Windows, Mac, and Android.
  4. Finally, click on the “Download” button then you can see the list of all versions of BitComet for different devices. Now, you can download it for your particular operating system.

After downloading, you can avail some magnificent features that blow up your mind. It includes fast downloading speed, magnet URL, intelligent optimization, disk cache, DHT Network, auto Configuration ICS, Intelligent disk allocation, disabling torrent files, set files priority, and support for multi trackers. That’s features make it more popular in the market.

Is there any charge to download and install BitComet?

  • Of course not it is an open-source HTTP client protocol that has the public domain. Anyone can download it by just visiting its official site and then download it for free of cost.
  • However, users don’t have to pay for a single penny to avail themselves of the extraordinary features such as accessing files within its multiple torrents.
  • No doubt, it is freeware for non-commercial use, and there is no installing fee. Users can do an installation in just a few steps without paying monthly or yearly.
  • That’s why; BitComet has a large client market that allows them to share their torrent files on a searchable P2P Network with other BitComet users with the help of torrent sharing features.

Is BitComet able to provide fast downloads?

  • Everyone is interested in making things fast and available easily. That’s human nature.
  • When it comes to the fast torrents framework, we surely recommend BitComet because it has the largest client market due to a deep bench of talented developers that provide the fast downloading speed in every update.
  • Further, users get the long-term seeds to make the download experience more efficient. With the help of download mode, you can play a file while downloading, and that’s a remarkable feature.
  • With the increasing number of users, they claim to provide the optimized speed in BitComet.
  • It is likely to remain to download at the highest percentage for specific periods before completing the download. Frankly, there are many reasons for the fastest speed of P2P sharing due to several downloads mirrors. The files you wish to download can be collated from multiple sources.
  • In the end, you get your downloading file within a specific time frame.

Can BitComet customize my download requirements?

  • Nowadays, users intend to make the customization of their own will. BitComet provides a friendly user interface and facility for downloading customization.
  • If you want to change the download requirement, you can make it. You can set the priorities and specific actions for each downloading file, which should have to complete first and which to end.
  • With its customization downloading feature, it has become the most demanding software. Its developers always use cutting edge technology to provide the best possible functionalities in every update. The result is that its user interfaces entirely bewildering and intuitive.

  • Yes, it is legal to use for anyone. BitComet is ever the fast downloader and file sharing platform within its torrent clients.
  • It may have seen that many other torrent software are illegal to use due to intellectual property rights. But in the case of BitComet, it is legal and free of cost software with all copyrights. Of course, it is now growing day by day, and we always recommend BitComet for future use.

Bottom Line:

In the end, you must keep in mind the above all discuss outlines that may help you to choose the best file-sharing protocol. As you have read, BitComet is the best selection amongst other search torrent provider with features beyond expectations.

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