What is BitLord?

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BITLORD is one of the easy torrent downloader these days. It’s like a communication protocol that we used to share electronic files and large amounts of data such as digital audio files containing songs or digital video files showing video clips or TV shows over the internet.

It specially designs for the Mac and Windows operating systems for downloading without harming your computer. It support some bewildering features such as playlists, audio/video streaming, as well as a built-in browser for finding and downloading torrents.

Nowadays, BitLord is one of many torrent clients on the market. The freeware, which is also ad-supported, was first released in December 2004. It offers some extraordinary features to differentiate itself like port mapping, download queue, simultaneous downloads, IP-filter, fast-resume, disk cache, selected downloads in torrent package, speed limits, proxy, and chatting.

What is BitLord used for?

  • It is a torrent downloader which we used to download a large amount of data from the internet. It is a popular Torrent client that is designed in a way that it gives the green light as well as points to a remote server. In the meantime, remote serve also holds the location of several remote hosts with an instance of the file to be downloaded or shared.
  • According to BitLord terms and conditions and policies, they don’t hold in check how much data users can use. It offers an unlimited amount of uploading and downloading data for its users. Moreover, it allows the users to adjust the number of torrents they seed and download in the preferences. So, It’s quite outstanding.

How to Use BitLord?

  • It is also known as freeware means it is free to download. It provides a user-friendly interface that is easy to use. It is a torrent downloader that resembles a search engine database.
  • BitLord provides this search engine to search millions of torrents from various torrent sites. Using BitLord is not rocket science, and it’s easy you need to do is open it on your computer.
  • After that, click the start button to run it. Then search for a torrent of your choice. Type the name of the file you want to download at the upper left corner of BitLord in the search box and then press “Enter.” Finally, BitLord starts searching for the torrent, and the file pops up on the right side of the window.
  • Then Double-click on the torrent file and press the “Download Torrent.” button. Lastly, a message window appears that asks you to save the torrent to your computer.

How do I download BitLord?

bitlord download
bitlord download

Download BitLord is quite an easy task. But first of all, you must have an extractor program in your PC or MAC device because BitLord setup is downloading in the form of a RAR file. These are the following steps you need to follow to download it.


Step1: First of all, open an Internet Explorer-like google or opera and type BitLord download.

Step2: Secondly, Click on the one BitLord official website to download it.

Step3: After coming into the website, you can see the BitLord download button, then click on the ‘Download’ button.

Step4: Select the version of BitLord 2.1 free download.

Step5: A box will pop up. Once it does, click ‘Run’.

Step6: Click ‘Run’ again and then click ‘OK’.

Step7: In this next step, you will see the next button and the ‘I Agree’ checkbox. Check the box and click next.

Step8: Click ‘Next’ and then ‘Install’.

Step9: Click ‘Finish’.

Step10: In this step, you have to Untick the boxes that read ‘include TorrentMan Toolbar (recommended)’ and ‘include the Firefox Torrentman Toolbar (recommended)’ and click ‘Finish’.

Now you’ve successfully downloaded it, and the next step is to minimize your screen and use it simply.

Is BitLord is better than uTorrent?

  • Nowadays, BitLord and uTorrent is one of the most commonly used and popular torrenting apps available in the market. If you ask the question about which is better than the other, we will go with it because it is better than uTorrent simply.
  • It’s not mean the uTorrent is awful, but that BL is so damn good and easy to use. It provides some new and bewildering features like a built-in search function, which you can use to find most torrents without even opening another browser. While using Bitlord 2.1 free, you can use it to do streaming, which is also a huge benefit.
  • According to the recent survey, it ranks 11th all over the world while µTorrent ranks 13th. The most important reason for choosing BitLord is you don’t have to wait till the complete video download. Moreover, you can also start streaming and watching it directly.
  • Also, it has more user information in the interface. BitLord 2.1 free is significantly faster than uTorrent due to an average rate of nearly 75kbps.

What does seeding mean in Bitlord?

  • Generally, seeding means sharing a file(s) with other peers. In BitLord seeding is where you leave your Torrent client( torrent application) running after you’ve finished your download.
  • However, if you left the torrent job seeding, it automatically uploads the file(s) to other peers so they can enjoy them too. Sometimes the length of time that you should leave the file seeding is not defined. It recommends that you share the amount of data you upload.
  • Then reach the same level of data that you have download. This method is also known as reach a 1.0 ratio. Frankly, it’s not easy to understand when you hit this ratio, but generally, people who leave the swarm before even getting close to that ratio label as leechers. Because leechers have a detrimental effect on swarms, some peers or even private trackers may block connections to you.

Final Thought:

It sounds like BitLord is the best option for anyone who torrents regularly. Above is the detailed review that makes it easy for you to understand why you might choose Bitlord.

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