what to do if your Facebook account is hacked

It’s scary to have your Facebook account taken over. But don’t worry; here’s what you should do:

Check that your account has actually been hacked

If you observe any malicious activity on your Fb accounts such as an alteration to your name, birthday, email address, or password, then check your account either it’s been hacked or not.

Moreover, the New comments or friend requests to strangers you don’t really know about; postings you didn’t post on your schedule.

Then, click the arrow to show a drop-down option in the top right-hand corner of your Facebook page.

When you click Settings, a new menu will appear. Select Security and Login, then Where You’re Logged In.

If you see a login from a phone, you don’t recognize it. Your account may have been hijacked.

End the session of the invader

In order to avoid the invader attack, click the three vertical dots next to the login device in order to log out.

  In that case,  you at least temporarily log the invader from your account. This minimizes the harm that your invader may do and enables you to retrieve your account and maintain control.

Notify your people

It’s probably used to contact individuals in your list of friends if your profile has been hacked.

You will have to tell them not to believe any links or install programmes, using wall posts, Facebook messages or Facebook emails while the hacker has your account.

Change password

It’s simple to alter if the attacker hasn’t changed your Login. To change your password, click on the Security option and log in.

“We recommend changings in your credentials when you use the same password on various sites,” said Salt Lake City’s online sales expert Cosette Jarrett. Cosette Jarrett added.

“If you have exposed your password on one website, your accounts on other sites are also likely to be at risk.”

Reset Password

Once hackers have controlled your account, they continuously change your password, so it isn’t easy to merely change your password by going into account setingand.

You need to reset your password in order to cope with this situation. All you need to tap on forgot password option under your account login.

You will be required to enter your personal details, such as your Facebook email address, your account mobile number, to your Fb username. 

The final option could be preferable if you think the account hacker has modified any of your personal details.

Report your affected account

Furthermore, if your account isn’t just hacked, you have received notification of ads and spam to your friends.

The one you can perform at that URL must identify as compromised. You will receive more instructions from Facebook to address the problem after reporting.

You may also use this if you suffer a hacker attack to lose access to your account. Facebook will enable you to get your account access back.

Remove Applications Suspected

Remove Applications Suspected

It’s often not a nasty individual who has hacked your account accidentally.

You may only have access to a rogue Facebook application that has stolen your account.

Go to Settings > Apps and Websites and browse the list to delete suspicious programmes.

For the Popular Apps and websites list, click on See More. Click on the Remove option in the top right-hand corner to indicate if you would also like to “delete articles, pictures or events on your time-line” from those sources.

Optimize privacy and security configuration of your account

Once you have control, we strongly advise you to look at your Facebook settings.

  1. Update your contact data and add other email or mobile telephone numbers you have access to under Settings > General. Remove the ones you don’t have access to anymore.
  2. Set up > Safety and log in, set up additional security measures such as unrecognized login alerts, double authentication and choose three to five trustworthy friends who can assist you recover from lockouts.
  3. After that, go to the setting option and find the privacy setting. Then Choose the privacy settings with which you can happily use.
  4. We also suggest you only  Let friends look at future postings and limiting the visibility of previous posts.

Remember that two-factor verification is now the most critical safety feature on any of your accounts.

We highly suggest implementing two-factor authentication on all your accounts.

How to protect your Facebook account?

It is not the end of the story if your Facebook account gets compromised. Having it happen to you, on the other hand, might serve as a good lesson to make sure your account is as safe as possible.

A lot of security suggestions are offered by Facebook itself. If you use a laptop that you share with other persons, you must log out of Facebook. Moreover, you can also install some antivirus software to protect your system from malware or hackers.

You also need to be careful when clicking links and the online services and files you install. You’re free to use your own Facebook password. If you have signed in to your Facebook account, you may conduct a security check-up.

Even if you were not hacked, it’s a good idea to shorten your Facebook safety. Since external applications cause many breach Facebook accounts, consider reducing the number of applications you are using.

Don’t click on strange links or advertising on your social media feeds, even if you trust individuals who share – they may have been compromised themselves.

Always ensure that your computer, web and smartphone browsers are updated.

And sign it up when you finish the day on Facebook. It is the same with other social networks. Twitter, Instagram, Linked In and others were all substantially affected by user accounts.

Okay Just be alert and be clever about what you do online, as ever, and you’re all right.


In short, you are compelled to know about all the mistakes you have made once you have been hacked. And you’re never going to make them again, hopefully.

This is the time to find out how hackers might attack and protect themselves against your security.

Hackers will never stop growing, so that their skills must be kept up to date. Be aware!

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