Why does my camera app keep crashing iPhone?

Iphone camera crashing
Iphone camera crashing

Sometimes issues may occur to any iPhone device, whether you purchased it now or later.

When you try to open the camera every time, it keeps crashing iPhone for several reasons. Follow the below guide that explains why does camera app keeps crashing and how to resolve this issue? Get reading!

Why does the camera app keep crashing iPhone?

There are many reasons behind the built-in camera app crashing that significantly affect iPhone performance. Follow the main reasons listed below.

  • Corrupted files:

The corrupted files or content can mess up with the internal functions of the camera app. For instance, if you download the corrupted multimedia file at the same location where the camera’s photos are saved, you will have an error of the camera app keep crashing iPhone.

  • Messed up with configuration settings:

It is one of the significant factors that can cause the problem of camera app crashing. You may be messed up with the camera app’s configure settings due to the failure of adjusting images and video settings.

  • Bad Software updates:

Bad software updates can cause the error to keep crashing camera app functionality.

  • Hardware damage:

The hardware damage could also be the main reason for the camera app keep crashing iPhone because of getting wet or dropped by someone. It can also be infected by defective or faulty hardware that needs expert help.

  • Insufficient Memory:

Insufficient memory of your iPhone can also be the reason for the camera app crashing.

How to fix the camera app crashing issue?


  • Restart your iPhone

Firstly, you must have to restart your iPhone that it can resolve all bugs and app issues. It can also clear memory and refresh the system settings. For this, press and hold the side button until the slider appears. Then select the restart device option.

  • Install latest iOS updates:

Updates are very crucial to remove the previous bugs and improve the new functionalities. There is no reason to skip them at all. You must go for settings and apply download and install updates automatically. Further, you can also update iOS using iTunes that saves your time and the better option to do it properly.

  • Update all apps

You have to make sure that all the apps are up-to-date. For some reasons, out date apps can cause computability issue that leads to the significant problem. One thing to keep in mind that it always keeps your apps updates with all possible new functions.

  • Reset your all previous iPhone settings

Now it’s time to reset your setting that can resolve all sorts of camera app issues. To reset your device, it can bring back all the default settings of your iPhone. Follow the below steps.

  • Go to app setting, then tap on General

  • Find the Reset option and tap on it

  • Tap on Reset all settings

  • iPhone will restart and wait for a turn on

  • Check camera app function again

  • Restore your iPhone

If you have tried all the above solutions and your issue remains sustained, it’s time to restore all your previous iPhone data that had been working correctly. To fix this, you must have a backup of your iPhone device. Follow the below steps.

  • Go to app Settings and tap on General.

  • Tap Reset option

  • Now tap on the Erase All Content and Settings.

  • Enter your passcode

  • Tap to Erase iPhone

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