How To Easily Transfer Photos From Android To Mac?

It is somehow straightforward to Transfer Photos From Android To Mac using the Macdroid app bundled with the Mac operating system.

This app designs to help Mac users who willingly prefer android devices. But using the Macdroid app makes the stable connection to transferring the files between the devices and operating systems.

Follow the below steps to find the solution for how do I Transfer Photos From Android To Mac.

Step1: Download the app

In this step, all you need to download the Macdroid app for your Mac operating system and install it properly.

Step2: Make a stable USB connection

  • Before transferring photos from android to Mac, you must have to connect your Android and Mac device via USB cable.
  • It would help if you were careful while making the USB connection because a poor connection can cause trouble.

Step3: Proper App Settings

  • Now, open the Macdroid app to ensure that it sets as MTP mode.
  • When you receive an access request on your phone, then select a File transfer mode.
  • After that, you will receive a confirmation message regarding the connection has appropriately made.
  • In some cases, if you cannot make a connection, try troubleshooting to get useful info on how to deal with this issue. That’s how you can set up to Transfer Photos From Android To Mac.

Step4: Mount your device

Once you have made up the proper connection between your android device and Mac, you can see the Android device on the left side of the app interface.

And you can also change your Android device’s name by simply renaming it and type what you want. Now, you have to mount the android device. Otherwise, you will not able to transfer the photos from android to Mac in a simple way.

Step5: Transfer your Photos

  • It’s time to transfer your photos.
  • You can see all the android files on your app screen and go to those files where you saved the images. The file names may be Download or DCIM, where most of the photos are held on android devices.
  • Now, all you have to select those photos that you want to transfer into your Mac device. It seems that it’s the best way to share the pictures from android to Mac.

Important Note:

  • There are two modes available to transfer the photos from android to Mac; one is that ADB mode and MTP mode.
  • The MTP mode sends a series of requests to the android devices and gives access to individual files.
  • While using the ADB method, the computer provides complete access to the android devices to make the process faster, and there will be no need to send requests or wait for responses.
  • So you can choose on your demand.
Bottom line:

Suppose you are a Mac user and face troubles during the transfer of photos from Mac to Android.

No need to wandering anywhere. You will find the complete guide of your problem by reading the steps mentioned above.