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How to Recover Photos or Data After Factory Reset Android

Can I Get My Pictures Back From My Phone After Factory Reset Android?

Suppose you may accidentally tap on the factory reset android option on your device and deleted all your essential files such as photos, videos, contacts, etc. In this problematic situation, the questions may come to your mind: What should I have to do now or how to recover photos after factory reset android?

Can I get my pictures back from my phone after a factory reset? Just RELAX and don’t worry because, in this guide, we’ll help you how to recover your deleted photos from your phone after a factory reset. But first of all, you need to know what factory reset is? So, we’ll provide you the answer to this question in the next section of this blog.

What Is Factory Reset On Android?

On Android phones, Factory Reset is a built-in feature that erases all essential user data such as photos, contacts videos, app data, and device settings.

However, there are some situations where users need to do Factory Reset on their Android phone to perform specific tasks such as repair system errors, speed up their device. Also, remove privacy data when they need to sell their android, etc.

Can Data Be Recovered After Factory Reset Android?

Yes, of course, you can recover your data entirely or recover photos after factory reset android. The thing is, whenever you remove data from your phone or do a factory reset, the files still saved on your mobile phone and never got permanently wiped out. However, data are still there but in a confidential manner.

Method1: Recover Deleted Photos on Android After Factory Reset By Google Photos

Google photos are one of the easiest methods to retrieve your deleted images after a factory reset. All you need to do is follow these simple steps given below:


  1. First of all, you need to open Google Photos on your android phone.
  2. Secondly, click on the three horizontal lines.
  3. After that, you would see the Bin option.
  4. Click on the Bin option to open it up, where you will see all your deleted items or photos.
  5. Finally, select the one you want to restore and tap the Restore option.

Method2: Restore Pictures after Factory Reset Android via Local Backup

Nowadays, many android devices are coming into the market with in-built backup features which can allow the user to back up the crucial files to internal or external memory. So if your photos or files are stored on a memory card, it’s relatively easy to get it back through Local Backup.

Here are the following steps you need to follow to restore your photos after a factory reset.


  1. First of all, go to setting and check on the backup option
  2. After that, you have to click on the Backup and restore option, then file restore and management
  3. in this step, you select a backup file that you need to restore
  4.  Finally, please tap on the restore option and wait till they’re recovered.

Best Powerline Adapters & Powerline Mesh Wi-Fi systems for 2023

Powerline adapters and Wi-Fi mesh networks are both highly helpful options for home automation that may be used under various conditions.

The Wi-FI mesh systems expand broadband access across the household to provide more mobile connections for tiny mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

On the other hand, Powerline adapters can enhance internet connectivity across the residence utilizing existing household appliances circuits.

Wireless mesh systems appear to be the more costly of both items, but they might really allow smooth surfing and broadcasting over Wi-Fi in big households when they operate correctly.

There are other wireless Powerline adapters, though, which are typically less expensive and, in some cases, will accomplish almost the same function as a Wi-Fi mesh system.

If you’re looking for the best Best Powerline Adaptors & Powerline Mesh Wi-Fi systems for 2021, then you came to the right place.

We picked the below as the finest Wi-Fi network adapters and Wi-Fi mesh networks because they provide the quickest speeds with compatibility for at least 500Mbps. Let’s get started!

Table of Contents

Best Powerline Mesh Wi-Fi systems

1. Netgear Orbi WiFi 6

Netgear Orbi WiFi 6 is Netgear’s newest and biggest Wi-Fi mesh system — with comprehensive WiFi 6 support; it achieves incredibly high rates.

It has a special backup path for a reasonably strong connection to routers. It’s obviously costly, but the kit will build up a network that is very difficult to improve with a total bandwidth of up to 100 systems available.

Whether your Wi-Fi reaches the shelter or you require a host of new intelligent house equipment to be connected. Because you have the latest version of Netgear orbi in order to help.

2. Eero

Eero is an enterprise with ancient roots in the mesh wireless networking market. Its current product clearly showcases this legacy: the Eero bundle is not as quick and cheap compared to others, but the mixture of speed and functionality at the correct price is impressive.

The system is highly user-friendly and features one of the most straightforward and professional applications we have encountered during our many years of mesh Wi-Fi network testing.

You can stop internet connectivity, established your acquaintances‘ guest network, and much more with a couple of clicks on your smartphone.

3. Google Nest Wifi

Google Nest Wi-Fi offers one of the fastest, reliable, and greater bandwidths, with the satellite nodes and a Google Assistant.

The software is as sophisticated as you would expect from Google, so you can do anything to prevent children from being online too long from checking connection speed.

Setup is also relatively straightforward, something we like to see continuously.

Although you might obtain higher rates from another kit and no Wi-Fi connectivity is available here, this is arguably one of the finest mesh network kits on the marketplace.

Wi-fi 6 – and TS-Link Deco X60 falls in a more sophisticated category of mesh systems than others.

So if you are looking for the fastest speed network better than your current wireless internet, then you must go for a TS-Link Deco X60.

The TP-Link is amazing and rock-solid, and the installation process of this wireless medium around your house will not be complicated.

The setup software lets you find the different satellite nodes based on your present arrangement in your home or apartment.

In short, if you are searching for the best mesh network for the fastest networking speed, then this mesh system is worth a try.

Best Powerline Adaptors

D-link Av2 2000 is the latest model of Gigabit that provides excellent speed and performance while also being simple to set up with connector setup and a paired button that rapidly and easily configures the system.

With this adapter, you may also expand your network a little since it allows up to 16 connections with more adapters.

One problem with this model is the lack of an outlet which means that you abandon any outlet in which you plug it.

It also has only one connection, and thus for any item you wish to connect, you need an adaptor and outlet plug.

If you just require one port and have an additional outlet, this is a great pick. However, those two constraints might be a problem in many computer settings.

2. TrendNet 1200 Av

This Gigabit speed Powerline network adapter works quickly and provides a great network across your electricity supply.

This type includes a built-in outlet, which means you don’t have to sacrifice a plug wherever you use it, which is quite convenient.

This model allows users to connect up to 8 adapters to a single platform, which is more than adequate for most situations.

The fact that this adapter only has one port is its major flaw.

While you may connect up to eight adapters at once, each one can only connect to one device, which might be a problem if you need to connect numerous appliances at once. This is still a fantastic and straightforward choice.

3. Netgear 1200

There’s a lot to appreciate about this simple-to-install model, especially given that it’s a Gigabit adapter, ensuring the rapid performance of the network. It includes a constructed outlet, so you won’t be sacrificing one outlet wherever you plugged it in.

This adapter accommodates up to 16 network nodes so that you may use up to 14 more adapters in a single kit.

The fact that this adapter only has one port is its major flaw. While the presence of a buzzing sound outlet helps to reduce this, it’s always an issue if you intend on utilizing multiple devices in one area, which each requires a physical network connection.

This Powerline network adapter gear may be used in almost any situation.

The package includes two adapters: one for connection to your inbound network via a router, switch, or modem, another for linking to the devices you want to establish a secure connection.

One of the best advantages of this adapter is that it contains an outlet, allowing you to utilize the outlet for other devices while it is plugged in.

This device has three ports, which is unique but provides you with more connectivity choices than most other Powerline adapters.

Bottom line:

In conclusion, Powerline adapters and mesh systems both are highly helpful options for home automation that may be used under various conditions.

In the above, we provide the Best Powerline Adaptors & Powerline Mesh Wi-Fi systems for 2021. Now it’s up to you to choose the best out of it.

How to download Aptoide and install it on iOS?

Aptoide has gained popularity these days. It is the biggest software “marketplace” application to install various mobile applications to your Android or iOS operating system.

Primarily, the Aptoide app is available in almost 17 different languages and steps forwarding to gain many users day by day. It is basically like an Android or Apple store where users can download and install thousands of applications without any charges.

Fortunately, it’s free of cost third-party platform. You can simply get those apps that Google or Apple store doesn’t allow you to download. Aptoide is certainly a safe platform, and you can get more information about this app through its official website.

Undoubtedly, the Android or Apple store is one of the best free-to-use platforms for different developers. But the Aptoide developers came into the market to take advantage of this thing and launched their app store, which had gained popularity in no time.

To using Aptoide, you can simply download all the apps for free that too large. In this article, we have listed the guide for how to download the Aptoide and describe how to install Aptoide on your iOS device? Let’s get started!

Aptoide app iOS Features:

These are the following key feature that you must know before getting into the Aptoide app.

  • Aptoide app is free of cost, and you can simply download all the paid mobile apps without paying any charges.
  • Aptoide is easily available for all iOS devices that allows you to get Tech support from the official Aptoide blog and their support forum gives you every possible facility in minutes.
  • Aptoide iOS is easily accessible from various countries, and no country has any restriction to download it. This app has almost 70K applications that make it more useful for multiple users.
  • Aptoide for iPhone doesn’t only offer to download free apps, but you can also create your store, and you can manage it by yourself easily.
  • It has a very user-friendly interface which is easier to use. Its elementary interface can help you to download the apps as you download them in Apple or Android store.
  • You don’t need to update your Aptoide iOS because it will update automatically after installation. Also, you can avail of the revert function that means you can get back to the previous version if you are using the latest version.
  • It offers an easy installation process that is the most excellent feature, and you can surely get a lot of apps.

How to download Aptoide?

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the downloading steps you will have to follow to download Aptoide on your iOS device, such as your iPhone. No doubt, it is enough for a simple and easy process. To learn about it in detail, read the next section of this article that will explain jailbreaking and without jailbreaking methods. But we discuss downloading steps for now.


  1. Firstly, visit the official website and where you can download it for your iOS device.
  2. Once you reach the site, click on the downloaded option.
  3. Now, it’s time to install the Aptoide app on your device.
  4. To know about the installation process, follow the below section.

How to install Aptoide on iOS?

The Aptoide installation in your iOS device is not as simple as you think. Let’s go through the installation process in detail.

Installation process:

Step 1:

It is no doubt to say that the installation process is not quite simple and easy. Before jump into the installation, you must have to get yourself knowledgeable about the two ways, the first one is jailbreaking and another one is without jailbreaking.



The term jailbreaking was usually considered to be illegal for different countries. But it has become legal in specific countries like the US, Canada, and the UK. In this process, you have to violate the terms and regulations set by Apple stores that can be harmful.

In simple words, the primary purpose is to avail those features restricted by Apple. Once you will do this successfully, you can certainly download any app that has an unauthorized source.

Without Jailbreaking:

This method is simple, and no need to violate the terms and regulations of Apple. You can simply visit Aptoide’s official website to avail the features and add them to your homepage. Then you are done! All you have to sign in with your Gmail or Facebook login credentials.

Step 2:

You must need iFile, Cydia Safari, Download manager, and one of Installous, iFunbox, or AppCake to precede the installation process smoothly. These three are crucial components.

Step 3:

It’s time to click on the downloaded file you have done previously using Safari or any other browser for this. No matter which version you have, go for the next steps.

Step 4:

Now, ope this apk file to run on one of these components such as Installous, AppCake, or iFunbox. Select that one that works for you and go with it.

Step 5:

It seems like that you have done pretty well and successfully install the Aptoide app on your iOS device. Go and find the best apps for yourself.

The most important thing you must have to note, if you choose the jailbreaking way, you end up in violation of Apple’s terms and conditions. Given that, iOS device users can only download those apps which are available in the Apple store. But by using Aptoide, you can get plenty of apps that are not in the Apple store.


Hey, our beloved reader, we hope that you understand all the above-detailed discussion about the Aptoide app, and you’re pretty sure you got it well. Let us remind you what we have covered above: explain the features and how to download Aptoide and install it on iOS?

No doubt, this guide can help you use the Aptoide App Store for free on Apple devices. Through which you can get multiple apps and games free on your iOS device.

We hope that you have got your solution!

20 best simulator games you can play right now

Over the past few years, the gaming industry has truly exploded and become one of the most successful entertainment fields in the world.

The introduction of the simulation genre has become massive in the gaming industry. This past year, simulation has introduced plenty of games that are likely to become future classics of the genre.

Nowadays, Simulation games are one of the most widely played games around the globe. However, it is quite an expansive and popular game genres.

Simulation games are those games where things happen automatically, and the user just kind of push things along in specific directions with their decisions.

Simulation games are universally beloved because these games can offer a level of detail and immersion that can’t be matched.

If you’re looking for the finest simulation games available in the market, then you’re in the right place. Here is the list of the 20 best simulator games you can play right now

  • Table of Contents
  • The sim 4

The Sims is a captivating simulation game series that has been massively playing all around the world. In this game, you can play the same life simulation and much more. Sim 4 allow you to create your character, start a family, start a career and live a life that you can’t live in the real world.

  • Farming simulator

Farming Simulator is one of those game that pretty easy to scoff at. Suppose you have spent most of your gaming career-saving galaxies or fighting demons. In that case, the thought of tilled earth and crop rotation might strike you as dull but playing a farming simulator helps you to get a farming experience without getting your wellies dirty.

  • Star Wars: Squadrons

Star Wars has a long history with simulation games, but they’ve gained fantastic popularity due to its latest film. It is a space combat simulation game in which players can control both heroes from the New Republic and the opposing forces on the Galactic Empire. It is pretty interesting for those who have an interest in space and galaxies.

  • Train sim world 2

Train sim world 2 allow you one of the most exciting things about the train simulator such as its glorious speed, graphics and watching the world fly by as you hurtle endlessly across smooth tracks. one the main reason why people excited about it is the fact that you could drive London underground trains. Train sim world 2, proving you a real-time train experience.

  • X-Plane 11

Driving trains is a thing, but flying planes is something special. To get the real-world flying plane experience, The original X-Plane comes in the market. These simulation games provide a highly advanced tool to help pilots before they took to the skies for real. X-Plance offers some of the most realistic flight physics and aerodynamics ever seen in games.

  • Project Cars 2

Project Cars 2 is a super exciting racing game. The latest version of this racing game comes with some extraordinary features such as car handling, a new weather system, and many more. The purpose of this game is to be as realistic as conceivably possible.

  • Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines is released in 2015 to restore the city-sim genre to its former glory. This game comes with contemporary reworkings of Maxis’ original formula to make Skylines feels like a modern city-sim in every aspect. It’s one of those simulator games that’s also available on console, too

  • MotoGP 20

No doubt, several popular racing games pride themselves on their authenticity, but MotoGP 20 is one of the best you got.

Because it comes with a heavy simulation component that’s then paid off with racing. Moreover, it contains different modes such as Historical Content and Managerial Career that make the player consider every aspect of the sport.

  • Thief Simulator

Theif simulator is another popular game by Noble Muffins. With the help of this game, you can experience real-world robbers and become the most famous bad guy in the town. Just make sure you don’t get caught!

  • Football Manager 2020

If you want to become a football manager, you should play football manager 2020 to experience real-world coaching. With almost 200 real-world teams and 116 leagues across 51 nations, Football manager 2002 provide an authentic football experience.

  • SnowRunner

It is an excellent off-road simulator with unique features such as different player drive through nasty roads using over 40 snow-based trucks that all respond differently to the conditions.

  • BeamNG.Drive

If you are looking for vehicles to drive rather than racing? Well, dear reader, here’s your answer: BeamNG.Drive. This game has some fantastic features, such as a soft-body physics engine, enabling hyper-realistic levels of handling and damage.

  • Silent Hunter 3

Silent Hunter 3 is one of the most famous submarine simulator games out from a Ubisoft studio. If you want to explore the sea worlds, you should play client Hunter 3.

  • DIRT 5

Over the decades, the Dirt series has been a successful alternative to many racing series. The primary objective of the Dirt series is to provide excellent track and weather conditions and fantastic mechanics.

  • Two Point Hospital

In this light-hearted hospital management simulator, You can experience the natural word hospital management system. In this game, you can customize the hospitals, unusual research illnesses, cure patients, and train staff.

  • Factorio

Factorio is a construction and management simulator that has combines standard construction simulation mechanics with survival and real-time strategy components with how resources are obtained.

  • Cooking Simulator

If you wanted to be a professional chef, you must play this game. By playing Cooking Simulator by Big Cheese Studio, you become a chef of a large, realistic kitchen and assign tasks such as dice, simmer, blend and season your way to becoming the greatest chef of all time.

  • Arma 3

Arma 3 is one of the finest military simulation game that allows user to create multiple scenarios in their multiplayer sandbox. In this game, the player can create situations such as the US Military infiltrating the Taliban and many similar scenarios.

  • PC Building Simulator

PC Building Simulator is another fantastic and fun game to play. By playing this game, you can get the most realistic experience of building a pc for yourself. This game also provides a career mode where you can do upgrading and repair work according to your clients’ needs.

  • Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster is a very interesting game for those who want to build a theme park. Because in this game, players have total control of everything, which we often get in a theme park.

For instance, the player can add new rides, provide food services, book restrooms and even can adjust the territory of their theme park. If you are a fan of the Roller Coaster Tycoon franchise, then you must play Planet Coaster.