How to fix iPhone Calendar Virus?

Today viruses have become a part of our life we encounter various malicious viruses daily without knowing them. Undoubtedly these viruses are very harmful and can steal sensitive information.

In this article, we will talk about the iPhone Calendar Virus which has security threats by adding spam events in the calendar app. These events show on the calendar without your permission. However, events may have advertisements promoting related websites, different malicious applications, and many other services.

Recently, most security researchers have concluded that these spam events can happen because of subscriptions to a malicious calendar managed by scammers.

Somehow, once scammers enter the iPhone owner’s calendar, they can surely steal their personal information, which leads to moral and financial damage. On top of that, iPhone users may subscribe to these malicious sites accidentally while closing the pop-up notification. Now let’s discuss how to fix iPhone Calendar Virus and how you can be infected by these spam events?

How you can be affected by the Calendar Virus?

When your iPhone Calendar app affects by any unwanted or spam events, it suddenly shows mysterious notifications that force you to open this by promoting ads on it.

We already know that once you click to these malicious notifications, you certainly find yourself by opening scam websites which might be related to deceptive advertisements, advertise harmful software, gambling apps, pornography, adult dating website, and more. However, we firmly recommend you not trusting on any notifications or websites, which leads to serious damage. Let’s know about further dangerous websites or domains.

  • Calendar virus connected to plenty of dangerous or harmful websites

It has been seen that multiple domains or websites can deliver malicious notifications on your iPhone’s screen. These spam notifications or messages convince you to open them because mostly relates to your interest. Scammers collect this information from your social media activities and they display those messages you may have an interest in.

Primarily, the purpose of a scammer is to steal the money or valuable information that can be used as blackmail or other marketing purposes. You end up unwanted software installation that third parties avail a commission or user exposure to promote ads.

Even though these domains positioned in Calendar events seem appealing, don’t click on them by mistake or accidentally. Following are the most common spam ads that actively display as Calendar virus.

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How to fix iPhone Calendar Virus?

Are you confused about how to get rid of the iPhone calendar virus? No worries, we are here to help you in this regard. All you have to follow the below instructions carefully. Let’s get started!

We already know that spam events cause to infect the iPhone Calendar app with viruses, and various steps will fix this issue. However, we recommend you delete the sketchy calendar adds to your iPhone device by a third-party service without any authorization.

For iOS 14:

Suppose you have iPhone with the latest version of the iOS 14 operating system. Follow the below steps to delete the malicious viruses.

Step1: Firstly, you have to click on your iPhone “Settings” and then find “Calendar” click on it.

Step2: Secondly, go to the “Accounts”and tap on it. Then try to find the malicious entry. In that case, you have to examine your account details, such as finding those email addresses that give you some significant info about which one is malicious.

Step3: Finally, once you find the rogue item, delete it using on-screen prompts.

For iOS 13:

Do you have an iPhone device that has an iOS 13 or earlier operating system? No need to panic to fix the iPhone calendar virus problem. Follow the below steps to eliminate the dodgy calendar.

Step1: Go to “Settings” on the Home screen and choose “Passwords & Accounts” of your iPhone device.

Step2: It’s time to find out an unwanted account under the subsection called “Account.” This unfamiliar account has access permissions include the “Calendars” feature. And its name can be “Subscribed Calendars” or “Other Calendars” or something similar.

Step3: Finally, select the unwanted or unfamiliar account and tap the “Delete Account” option at the bottom of your iPhone screen.

It seems that you have done it well. But you have to make doubly sure that the same issue won’t reoccur again. Follow the below process to prevent your iPhone device from calendar virus gain.

How to fix the iPhone Calendar virus from reappearing?

To ensure that the same hoax won’t reoccur again, you need to follow the below steps.

  1. Firstly, you should sign in to your iCloud account. After that, select the Calendar of your iPhone device.
  2. Secondly, select the Preferences option by clicking the gear symbol of the app screen.
  3. Thirdly, go to the “Advanced” tab and click on it.
  4. Finally, go to the “Invitations” section and click the radio button next to the “Email to [your email address]” option. Now it’s time to make this your default settings one instead of “In-app notifications.”

The Bottom line:

In short, iPhone calendar spam often refers to as a virus that can be harmful because scammers send spam events to your iPhone calendar easily.

Once you face this issue, you must have to deal with it carefully. And it is not easy, which is why we put together a detailed guide about this problem. Just follow the above mention steps to get rid of the iPhone calendar virus in no time.