Gaming laptop not performing as it should be (Solution)?

When purchasing a gaming laptop, we always strive for the highest possible performance. After all, the point of buying a gaming laptop is to meet our gaming requirements.

Faster gameplay, faster FPS, and obviously, fewer to no delays are all advantages. Sadly, there will still be a moment when we run into problems with our gaming laptop’s speed and ask how to play those games run quicker.

These types of issues are a real pain for all players, notably those who aren’t used to debugging.

Or perhaps your laptop is in perfect working order, and you simply want to understand how to enhance your laptop for Gaming?

Don’t worry. Take a deep breath and follow. In this post, we’ll show you how to configure a laptop for Gaming in order to get the most incredible performance possible while playing your favorites games.

These techniques have helped several gamers to improve their gaming PCs performances.

Although there are many methods to measure the efficiency of your gaming laptop, this article should provide you with information on how to build your machine quicker for Gaming, based on the type of laptop you have.

Table of Contents

Solution to improve laptop performance:

1. Keep your laptop clean and dust-free

Do you want to find how to increase your laptop’s gaming experience but lack practical understanding? Simply clean it.

With a positive approach toward hardware cleaning, you’ll only experience enhanced performance on your machine.

Performance is harmed by dust and grime. This debris will obstruct airflow, causing the laptop to overheat.

Moreover, The CPU, GPU, and several other parts will delay as the temperature rises. In short, it isn’t a good combination for a gaming laptop. Getting rid of the dirt is the ideal route to go.

2. Remove any programs you don’t use anymore

Uninstalling apps is one approach to optimizing your laptop, not just for gaming but also for general laptop speed, as some of these programs use resources on your laptop.

These apps can be manually uninstalled utilizing the program’s built-in uninstall package. First, type Control Panel into the Windows search box, then navigate to Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program.

3. Graphics Card Overclocking

Those who are hesitant to overclock their graphics cards should know that doing so is entirely safe if done correctly.

Moreover, overclocking your card is not illegal because, as gamers, we just want to exploit our gear to its utmost capacity.

Furthermore, unlike tweaking a CPU, upgrading a video card is very simple because there are many third-party apps applications for this task right now.

4. Upgrade your laptop drivers to Enjoy better gameplay

Another best way to improve your laptop performance is to update the drivers because most of the time system does do well due to the old version of drivers.

This implies that maintaining device drivers updated is crucial. Luckily, it’s generally a simple procedure that’s been absorbed mainly by standard OS upgrades.

When it comes to installing graphic drivers, though, you may need to take a more active role.

While Intel graphics, which are mostly unsuited for intensive Gaming, will receive new drivers as part of Automatic updates, your third-party graphics supplier will not offer that updates.

5. Changing the configuration for the Nvidia Geforce

The most excellent part about having GeForce Experience is that it improves each game performance effortlessly.

It will evaluate your laptop and propose settings for each game depending on the characteristics of your machine.

When you initially launch the GeForce Experience app, you’ll have access to this function.

You can also get to this option by heading to the GeForce Experience home tab, selecting your chosen game, and then clicking “OPTIMIZE.”

6. Change the power settings on your laptop

Without proper power saving, just a few components can operate more efficiently when we talk about gaming laptops performance—devices that are meant to be used away from a constant power supply because power management is crucial.

Although Windows provides extensive power control settings, you should link your laptop to a power socket for better gaming performance.

After that, it’s time to examine your computer’s power options. In Windows 10, you can:

  • Select Settings from the Start menu (or press WIN + I).
  • Select System > Power and Sleep > Additional power settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose a high-performance option
  • Click Change the plan’s parameters > Advanced power parameters can be changed
  • Verify that the power settings are at their optimal levels.

Battery parameters are continuously maintained on some gaming laptops. when wringing frame rates from your laptop, prevent using less-than-optimal power options, regardless of your hardware.

7. Download the current DirectX version

DirectX is a component of the Operating systems that are required for fantastic Gaming. DirectX 12 is the most recent version, and it comes pre-installed with Windows 10.

Games that support DirectX 12 are reported to have higher frame rates than those that supported DirectX 11.

An edition of DirectX is included in the bundle when you purchase games from Steam.

However, the newest DirectX 12 will not operate on earlier platforms like windows 7. Type dxdisg into the Command window search box and hit on the icon to see which DirectX edition your machine has.

The DirectX Diagnostic Analyzer will be launched as a result of these actions.

8. Turn on Windows 10’s Game Mode

This is a valuable tip for anybody. A Microsoft app is included with Microsoft 10, and it contains capabilities like voice recorder, broadcasting, and Game Mode.

Enabling the Capture Mode and Game Mode on your laptop might help you optimize it for Gaming.

  • Select Settings from the Start menu (or press WIN+I).
  • Select Gaming> Xbox Game Bar from the drop-down menu.
  • Turn on the light.
  • In the main window, choose Game Mode.
  • Turn on the light.
  • We’re almost done.

You may now display the Xbox panel by pressing WIN + G at any time. Check the box if asked.

This is, indeed, a game box. Microsoft Windows will launch the games at their best settings when Game Mode is activated.

Specific other processes may be closed or suspended as a result of this.

9. Disable Background Apps

Disabling all idle applications is essential, mainly while playing high-resolution games, as certain games may rapidly use your memory space without you even realizing it.

Task Manager may be used to monitor your current memory consumption. To go into Task Manager, click the Windows search box and write task manager or press Alt + Ctrl + Del and then hit on Task Manager.

The Task Manager displays a list of presently running applications, as well as the resources they consume. It will also include a list of process scheduling.

Shut off any programs that aren’t needed to be operating while you’re gaming. To do that, simply select the application or program which you want to shut down and click end task.


In short, we have put together the above guide and provide some of the best solutions to improve your gaming laptop performance.

So go ahead and use this method to get your laptop performance back as it used to be